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How To Store Lemons And Limes Fresh Longer!

How To Store Lemons And Limes Fresh Longer!

This easy and also simple trick to store lemons and limes is one of the best ways for you.

Of course, the best way to preserve all ingredients and compounds is to freeze lemons in your refrigerator.

It is easy and simple way, and, at the same time, will keep your citrus fruits fresh for a whole month without drying out!

How cool is this way to store lemons?

For a long time, I store my lemons at home in this way.

With this method, lemons are always easy to use for cooking and making your morning lemon juice.

There are not worse situations when you like to use lemons and they are totally hard and also dry inside.

Those exact situations were happening to me in the past too often.

Then I started to use this method to store lemons several years ago.

Store Lemons 2Also, I discover that I can keep my lemons and limes fresh for a whole month.

Yes, it`s true!

The point is to keep your lemons and limes refrigerates.

The secret lies in water.

First of all, you need to wash thoroughly your citrus fruits.

For sure you don`t like to slice your lemons and limes without washing and cleaning them up.

It is same if you like to store lemons and limes.

After washing and cleaning you can put your fruits in one large glass container or jar.

Fill up with fresh water to cover your lemons and limes completely.

Then you need to seal the glass container or jar and put them in a refrigerator.

That`s it!

The water will seal the peel of the lemons, and at the same time, will keep lemons from drying out!

The lack of air and also the coolness of your refrigerator will keep your fruits perfectly juicy and also ready for you to use at any time.

If you already use this method, it`s good to share that with your friends and family.



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