Home Health STRETCH MARKS – 4 easy ways to remove stretch marks
STRETCH MARKS – 4 easy ways to remove stretch marks

STRETCH MARKS – 4 easy ways to remove stretch marks

Stretch Marks
Stretch marks are at the beginning a pale purple and later white scars on the skin – resulting from the rapid stretching of the skin.

They can occur in pregnancy or during very rapid changes in body weight.

Although completely harmless, it is not pleasant to have them as significantly damaging the skin.

Their presence generally discourages and reduces the level of enjoyment on the beach and during other activities when it is quite normal to discover his body.

On the market, there is a lot of Anti-Stretch Marks but, unfortunately, there are few that really bring the desired results.

As a consequence, the long search for a quality product, which automatically implies invested a lot of money and precious time.

Since summer swimming season lasts only briefly, we are looking for a fast and effective natural treatment against stretch marks.

As always, the cure is patiently waiting in nature, so we can see where and how to use.

Stretch marks can be removed in natural ways

Cocoa Butter – In addition to being known for its anti-aging effect, cocoa butter is an excellent natural remedy for stretch marks, both for prevention and for their mitigation.

Its encourages circulation and moisturizes the skin, making the cracks in the skin become rope, paler and less visible.

It is most effective if applied directly after a warm shower.

Aloe Vera gel – is popular as a great natural remedy for many skin diseases, thanks to an impressive amount of vitamin E and vitamin C, Aloe Vera gel is also effective for alleviating the visibility of stretch marks.

It is enough to apply it twice a day, morning and evening.

Olive oil –  olive oil contains many other useful substances which accelerate the healing of stretch marks, it is a good idea to combine olive oil with Aloe Vera gel.

The best, in this case, is if olive oil is a little warm before applying to the skin.

Almond oil and lemon juice – Since almond oil is a great source of vitamin E and lemon juice vitamin C, here’s another great combination for the treatment of stretch marks.

Lemon juice stimulates collagen production in the skin so it can freely add any means against stretch marks that do not contain vitamin C, in order to increase its effectiveness.

During the fight against stretch marks, drink and lemonade without sugar.


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