Home Health Do You Suffer From Insomnia? 15 Tricks To Help You Fall Asleep More Easily!
Do You Suffer From Insomnia? 15 Tricks To Help You Fall Asleep More Easily!

Do You Suffer From Insomnia? 15 Tricks To Help You Fall Asleep More Easily!


Cannot fall asleep?

Welcome to the club.

A large number of people suffer from insomnia, but fortunately, there are methods that will help you fall asleep more easily.

If the reason you are suffering from insomnia is not a condition or medication, the most common cause is anxiety, the researchers said.

Insomnia and 15 tricks to fall asleep

Nervousness and anxiety will greatly hamper sleep and prevent you from relaxing.

You thought that you cannot fall asleep as soon as you touch the pillow, but if you use these scientifically proven methods, including relaxation techniques, you’ll sleep like a baby.

-1. Push Yourself To Stay Awake

Maybe it sounds strange, but the reverse psychology is really effective.

Research on those who suffer from insomnia has shown that when they are commanded to lie in bed and try not to fall asleep with eyes wide open, fall asleep much faster than those who did not make the same order.

Reverse psychology is not a long term solution, but it can help.

-2. Get Up And Do Something For 10 Minutes

If you wake up in the night and you cannot fall asleep, get up and preoccupy be an activity, such as assembling a puzzle, and stay away from watching television.

The bed should be a place to sleep, not to think and worry, and so it is important to get out of bed when you cannot fall asleep.

-3. Hide Your Clock

If we turn over in bed and we cannot fall asleep, watching the clock will not help.

Do yourself a favor and hide the clock, because constantly checking time increases stress, making it difficult to relax.

-4. Cool Your Room

When you’re about to fall asleep, your body temperature is slightly lower.

If you cool the room, we will speed up the process and help your body to recognize that it is time to sleep.

-5. Take A Shower With Warm Water Before Bedtime

Warming body showers with warm water an hour before bedtime, and then enter the cold room will help your body temperature drop faster.

Research has proven that such a rapid lowering of temperature helps the metabolism to slow down and prepare your body for sleep.

-6. Sleep With Booted Socks

Swiss research scientists have shown that warm feet and hands are the key factors for a good sleep.

Directing blood flow to the extremities seems to be the body quickly cools.

-7. Dive Your Face In Ice Water For 10 Seconds

If you are nervous or upset before sleeping, the best medicine is to cool the face with ice water.

Ice water will lower your heart rate and blood pressure, and thus calmed easier for you to fall asleep.

-8. Use The Method of “4-7-8”

This celebrated method to help you fall asleep in less than a minute.

It is claimed that this technique relaxes by increasing oxygen levels in the blood and slows down the heart rate.

Here’s how it looks to fall asleep in one minute.

-9. Put lavender Essential Oil In Your Bedroom

Not only lavender smells great, but the aroma of this herb calms the nerves, lowers blood pressure and relaxes.

Inhale lavender essential oil three times for two minutes before sleeping at intervals of 10 minutes and it will secure to you a deep and good sleep.

-10. Imagine Your Favorite Place

Imagining an environment that makes you calm and happy is certainly much better than counting sheep.

The aim is that this technique noticed a worrying and thinking and this relaxing scene will help you to fall into a restful sleep.

-11. Listening Music

Listening to classical music or music you like will help you to ease symptoms of depression and helps fight with insomnia.

-12. Have Candlelight Dinner

When it comes to sleep, it`s always better to have less exposure to blue light of the television or computer.

Treat yourself and your partner with a romantic dinner and the soft light of candles after which you will quickly fall asleep.

-13. Make A Soap Bubbles

Steal from children plastic bottle to make bubbles, and make sure to make bubbles before bedtime that works treasure mesmerizing and makes you breathe deeply, helps you to calm down the body and mind.

-14. Practice The Progressive Relaxation

As a way to fall asleep quickly, it`s recommended the progressive relaxation and muscle strain, which will relax your body.

This method is not sufficient alone, but in combination with your partner gives excellent results.

-15. Acupressure – Touch That Relaxes

Derived from acupuncture, acupressure is a technique of alternative medicine based on Chinese medicine theory that energy flows through specific points in your body.

Pressing these points restores balance and regulates the balance of mind, body and spirit.

Follow these steps:

– Gently press the small alcove located between the eyebrows, just above the nose and hold for one minute.

– Between the first and second toe there a small dent.

Press that place a few minutes until you feel a dull pain.

– Imagine that your foot has three parts, from the tops of toes to the end of the heel.

Find a point distance of one-third of the tops of toes and press the sole bottom in this place and hold for several minutes.

– Massage both ears for one minute.


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