SUGAR – ways to control craving for sugar


Uncontrolled use of sugar in our life can cause health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, obesity, acne and pimples.

Excessive intake of foods that contain too much sugar leads to a sudden increase in blood sugar levels.

When you subsequently come to also a sudden drop of sugar, the body sends us a signal in the form of desire for new quantities of same.

If you cannot resist the craving cycle continues indefinitely.

Thus in a simple manner may explain why some people literally depend on sweets while others do not think about them.

Sugar CircleOnce you fall into this “vicious circle” exit is not so easy but it is certainly possible and with just a little bit of will and effort.

Specifically, this cycle can be interrupted by using healthy ingredients that fight cravings for sugar.

In this struggle, the best effect will be realized with the help of the following food.

Sugar – threaten the health of modern human

Premium foods that fight cravings for sugar


Apple is one of the best fruit that helps fight cravings for sugar.

It has a sweet taste but is in addition and high fiber.

Develop a sense of satiety and meets the needs of feeling for sugar.

It is best to apple chews slowly, so will quickly extinguish “the light” that signals hunger.

Sweet corn

Sweet corn is also an excellent substitute for candy.

Sweet corn is same like apple.

It boasts high fiber content, but a quite harmless sufficient amount of sugar and many vitamins and minerals.


Banana does not only contain sugar but also tryptophan (an essential amino acid), which helps the body to manufacture serotonin (also known as the hormone of happiness).

Serotonin and then among other things acts as a neurotransmitter that sends a signal to the brain that the body needs satisfied for candy.


Cinnamon has extraordinary powers when it comes to the fight against the ruthless desire for sugar.

This raises the spice effect of insulin in the body and the beneficial effect on the normalization of blood sugar levels, leading to a diminished need for fresh food.


Foods on this list will not only fight sugar cravings but will improve the overall health of the body.

Uncontrolled consumption of sweets in it mainly contains high amounts of refined white sugar that does not belong in a healthy life.

On the contrary, sugar is classified in the group of the main culprits that threaten the health of modern man.

With an everyday use of food mentioned above, intake of unnecessary white sugar can be reduced to minimum and reasonable rates.

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