Sunflower Tea For A Good Blood Picture!

Sunflower Tea

If you have problems with blood circulation, circulation, and also tiredness then you need to try the old, folk Russian recipe – Sunflower tea for cleansing your blood!

Use the benefits of sunflower tea

Aside from getting rid of these problems, sunflower tea will help you:

– Relieve the feeling of coldness

Numbness of hands and feet

In other words, all the symptoms that usually accompany poor circulation.

Thanks to the antioxidant properties of this healthy seeds, you can even:

– Relieve inflammation

– Resolve insomnia

– Also, improve the quality of hair

– Improve your vision

– Improve your bone health

Also, this sunflower tea will improve the health of your liver, and the condition of your muscles.

Many people believe that sunflower-based drinks are a great prevention of cancer.

At the same time, those drinks can also help to lower cholesterol levels.

Thanks to the antioxidant properties of this seed, you can even relieve inflammation.

In addition, you can get rid of insomnia because sunflower is a natural sedative.

The only things that you need to prepare nutritious sunflower tea are sunflower seeds and a little water!

Pour half a liter of boiled water over the sunflower seeds and let it stand for 2 hours.

You need to consume sunflower tea every morning on an empty stomach for one cup.

Enjoy its excellent taste, as well as the vitamins and minerals you will be given to your body.

As you probably know, sunflower is a treasure trove of vitamin E and vitamin B1.

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