Surprising Mistletoe! You Can Refuse Chemo And Choose Injections!

Surprising Mistletoe


From old folk names, it can be concluded that surprising Mistletoe – this semi-parasitic plant since ancient times is considered for healing.

Druids, the Celtic priests, respected mistletoe as the all-healing plant.

They would during the solemn ritual cut down mistletoe with a golden sickle and later it was used as a cure for various diseases.

In the ancient texts is mentioned as a cure for epilepsy that was recognized and later from various writers.

Today surprising mistletoe is recommended against the hysterical attacks and as treatment for cancer in Europe.

Since the beginning of October to the end of December surprising mistletoe are harvested and dried leaves and thin stems.

The next period of harvesting is from March to April.

We note this because in other months the mistletoe plant doesn`t have healing properties.

The best is if you use mistletoe from poplars, but also with pine or fruit trees.

The mistletoe fruit is toxic while the stem and leaf can be used for healing.

Refuse chemo and choose surprising mistletoe

The healing parts from mistletoe

It was noted that the chemical composition and therapeutic properties of mistletoe depend on the host tree on which the mistletoe lives.

Therefore, hypotensive properties are not the same.

The strongest healing properties are in the mistletoe from pears, less healing properties at mistletoe from apple and much less from service tree (Sorbus domestica).

Healing properties

Surprising mistletoe works well against high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

It is also strong with unbalanced physiological effects.

It is given in the form of various preparations, alone or in combination with other drugs with a similar effect (synergistic).

Mistletoe promotes the work of the whole lymphatic system in the body and, therefore, helps the exchange of matter in it.

The treatments with mistletoe help to people that have diabetes to get rid of their disease.

In disorders of the hormonal system is also very efficient.

Patients with chronic metabolic disorders should take mistletoe tea every daily for six months.

It prevents sclerosis and stroke.

If a stroke does occur, the person should the first six weeks after stroke to drink three cups, following three weeks two cups, the following week one cup per day (half a cup before a meal  and half cup after meals).

If you sniff cold tea from mistletoe in the nose it will stop the bleeding nose.

Surprising mistletoe is considered the best tool for heart problems and difficulties in the bloodstream.

It contains substances that regulate blood pressure, as well as hawthorn, had low blood pressure increases and lowers elevated.

Thus, the exhausted heart rests and ceases all side effects at abnormal pressure – hot flashes, ringing in the ears, dizziness, disturbed vision.

Daily intake of three cups of mistletoe tea cures all diseases of the heart, circulatory system and the pressure.

It has multiple benefits for women because can regulate blood flow and menstrual problems, especially with heavy bleeding, as well as after giving a birth.

In addition, problems related to the PMS, arrhythmia, palpitations, hot flashes, anxiety and shortness of breath are passing from mistletoe.

Fresh juice of mistletoe (from the leaf and stems, pre-washed) is drunk against sterility (25 drops before breakfast on an empty stomach or before bedtime).

Mistletoe Tea

Tea from mistletoe is prepared exclusively cold.

Put one teaspoon full of mistletoe to a quarter liter of cold water and soak through the entire night.

Heat little bit before consumption.

Injection of mistletoe for cancer treatment

This treatment was used from the 1970s in The Switzerland cancer clinics where is normal cancer protocol.

Mistletoe has a substance viscotoxin that kills specific cells – it is targeting dangerous cancer cells and it`s improving the immune system of the patient.

It was also found that mistletoe extract can extend the life expectancy for people with ovarian cancer.

After 27 years of research, it was concluded that this extract extended the life for 40 % more at people with all cancer types.




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