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Symptoms And Consequences Of Lyme Disease! What If Infected Tick Bite You!

Symptoms And Consequences Of Lyme Disease! What If Infected Tick Bite You!

Lyme disease is a severe infection that ticks can transmit and can also cause many complications.

Those are problems with joints, skin, nervous system, and also cardiovascular health.

What is particularly difficult in this illness is that some of these consequences are noticed only after years of a tick bite, which makes it difficult for further treatment.

Prevention is the most important, as well as powerful immunity if you are bitten by a tick.

The middle of spring and all summer is an ideal time for outdoor excursions.

Some of you enjoy with family, others with friends, and there are those who wrap blankets on the grass and in the company of good books also spend hours away from the city crowd.

As long as the fresh air is useful and recommended, you cannot forget on the ticks.

They can sting from early spring until late autumn, to get on the skin of the hikers.

They are just about to transmit Lyme disease or Lyme borreliosis.

Symptoms of Lyme disease

This disease is actually an infection caused by spiral bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi.

This bacterium usually is affected by contact with other animals (usually mice or deer).

In addition, the disease is most commonly affecting children from 5 years and up to 14 years of teenagers.

In adults, it usually occurs between 40 and 50 years, which can occur in every age group.

The bite of the ticks is mostly unharmed because the saliva of this parasite also contains a natural anesthetic.

The first sign of Lyme borreliosis is a red rash on the place of a bite.

It does not itch and also does not hurt, but it spreads through the skin and can come to many places.

It may also be accompanied by symptoms very similar to the usual flu – headache, exhaustion, fever accompanied by temperature.

Then these signs doctors usually connect with respiratory seasonal infections, especially in summer – more analysis is needed.

The next stage of the disease involves swelling and pain in the joints, especially in the knees.

There may also be reports of unconsciousness and chest pain.

There are also numerous neurological symptoms such as:

Stiff neck

– Severe headaches (leading to meningitis at first sight)

– Temporary facial paralysis

– Pain and also weakness in the limbs

– Also poor coordination of the movement

These Lyme borreliosis symptoms usually occur several weeks after infection and last from several days to a few weeks.

Lyme disease in humans can also affect the ocular nerve when it comes to its weakening.

Also, our heart muscle is not spared.

It is long a list of symptoms and manifestations of this disease.

In some people, there may be more, and some can have lesser indicators of Lyme borreliosis.

The bite of a tick is not necessary to get infected

What is particularly interesting is the fact that the tick does not have to bite you to infect you.

If your skin or mucous is damaged, it is enough that the contents of that parasite get in touch with them and the bacteria then finds a way to get into your organism, carrying an infection with it.

In addition, if you remove the parasite from your body immediately after returning from the trip, there are considerably fewer chances of infection.

That is because the Lyme disease is usually transmitted by ticks which have this infection.

Ticks can spend 36 to 48 hours on the skin, looking for a comfortable place to sting you.

Therefore, it is very important that you immediately after come at home take shower and check your body.

Also, check especially the areas where the skin is thinner:

– Inside of the knee

– Ear

– Neck

– Under the armpits

– Also, check the area of the groin

You need also check the hair and head.

In addition, wash clothing (go on a trip wearing a light clothing, because it’s easier to see ticks).

If you are keeping a pet with you, it is imperative to check your pet.

The Lyme disease in dogs is particularly dangerous.

How to remove ticks?

If you find a tick on your skin, do not remove it with your hand.

Do not even try to burn it and the use of alcohol or acetone is strictly forbidden.

These liquids can stimulate the parasite to exclude the infected content.

You can remove ticks by the tweezers.

You have to be careful to remove both the body and also the head of the parasite.

However, it would be best to leave it to professionals.

If you leave the head of the parasite then you didn`t do anything literally.

Chronic Lyme disease

In some people (10 to 20 percent of the patients), symptoms of this disease occur after treatment.

The treatment usually lasts from two to four weeks.

Chronic fatigue does not stop, and also muscle and joint pains are common.

They can usually last up to six months after therapy.

Although this phenomenon is known as chronic Lyme disease, the doctors emphasize that it is a Post-Treatment Lyme disease Syndrome.

Experts believe that symptoms of this disease persist even after healing.

Some tissues in the body have damage and also the immune system needs time to recover completely.

If you have this disease, the therapy prescribed by your doctor should be combined with proper and also healthy diet.

Nutrition and healthy diet

First of all, forget about sugar.

Namely, if you are consuming antibiotics, they kill both bad and good bacteria.

On the other hand, since harmful bacteria feed on sugar, it can reduce the effect of the drugs.

Also, this disease requires you to avoid cow’s milk and foods rich in gluten:

– White bread

– Sweets

Processed foods

– Ingredients rich in starch (rice, potatoes)

On the other hand, include foods rich in proteins that acts as a probiotics:

– Meat

– Fish


– Especially yogurt

In addition you need to eat salads of green leafy vegetables as well as rich fiber fruits (apples, pears, strawberries, avocados).

Spice up food with natural antibiotics like curcumin and oregano.

At the same time, and you can also add a handful of ground flavored paprika.

Treatment of Lyme disease is not easy

This disease is in some cases very difficult to diagnose.

Blood is compulsory for analysis, since first week tests may be negative for bacterial infection.

That can happen even this disease is present in the body.

Also, a special problem is the fact that the symptoms of Lyme borreliosis can fool point to other diseases.

Moreover, a characteristic red rash is absent in 20 percent of the people who bite the tick.

That is why the physicians must insist on the detailed description of all the problems, no matter how innocent they acted.

If you discover this disease in the first stage, you can easily treat with oral antibiotics.

In the later phases, it will require somewhat more complex therapy, including anti-inflammatory medications.

An additional problem is the ability of the bacterium to avoid the action of certain antibiotics.

It can change its shape.

What are the consequences and complications if you do not diagnose the disease at the time?

Lyme borreliosis in humans causes various complications with the skin, joints, heart, and also nervous system.

Some of the complications even occur several years after the tick bite.

Finally, this disease in people at a late stage can cause serious problems.

In 60 percent of those who did not attend the doctor at the time the chronic arthritis was reported.

How to treat Lyme disease naturally

Garlic is valid for the most effective natural remedy against this disease since it has antibacterial activity.

In addition, it is an excellent blood cleanser, which is significant if the tick bite occurs.

Also, you can use for preventive – the chances of contracting this disease are considerably less if you consume it.

You can include in a healthy diet as a supplement.

In addition, you can combine it with lemon juice.

Also, you can combine garlic with other medicinal herbs such as Milk thistle, wild mint or Asian ginseng.

The herbs that you can use in the treatment of this disease depend on the symptoms.

However, they need to be plants that strengthen immunity, act against inflammation, and pain.

Lyme disease and herbage treatment

Echinacea and ginseng are effective for herbs that strengthen the immune system.

They are instigating the defenses of our body to fight bacteria.

These natural medicines can alleviate primary infection, but also prevent potential future illnesses that cause this disease in humans.

Nutritionists recommend using Echinacea in the form of tinctures.

Consume 10 to 30 drops diluted in a glass of water three times a day.

Consuming of ginseng nutritionists recommend in the form of a tea.

One cup per day is sufficient – a teaspoon of dry ginseng leaves pour with boiling water.

However, nutritionists do not recommend these plants for pregnant women and people suffering from autoimmune diseases.

Nettle, licorice, sweet clover, sage, and rosemary also alleviate the symptoms of this disease.

You can prepare teas by using the leaves, roots or flowers with 2 dl of boiling water.

Some phytotherapists also suggest a tea mix of sorrel, edible burdock, elm, and rhubarb.

A natural sweetener Stevia is also good for use in the treatment of Lyme disease

Lyme disease and treatment with essential oils

In addition, to teas and tinctures, nutritionists recommend the use of essential oils in the treatment of this disease.

The frankincense oil will alleviate joint pain, but also the headache.

In addition, you can use also lavender oil and mint oil.

On the other hand, the essential oil of the fragrant ylang-ylang plant will nourish your nervous system.

It will also relieve the arrhythmia if it occurs.

Use ginger root to strengthen your immune system

Apply about 25 grams of dried chopped ginger root with a liter of water.

When the mixture boils, lower the temperature and cook the next 10-15 minutes.

Strain it and add the juice of 2 lemons.

Sweeten with an organic honey and drink one cup of tea before each meal.

Of course, you need to contact your doctor, especially if you have a lot of tick bites.

Source: www.organicfacts.net





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