Home Health Symptoms of Sunstroke! The First Thing You Need To Prevent Even More Dangerous Situation!
Symptoms of Sunstroke! The First Thing You Need To Prevent Even More Dangerous Situation!

Symptoms of Sunstroke! The First Thing You Need To Prevent Even More Dangerous Situation!

Sunstroke is a serious health condition that arises with the exposure of the head, especially the nape to the high temperature, or the influence of the sun’s heat.

The first symptoms of sunstroke are:

– A headache

– Dizziness

– Restlessness

– Confusion

– Facial redness

– And also body temperature above 38.9 degrees.

In addition, later may also occur:

– Nausea

– Vomiting

– Stomach problems


– Vision problems

– Exhaustion

–  Also, unconsciousness is possible

What to do when sunstroke “hits” you or another person?

– 1. Remove the person in the shade

Remove all extra clothes or things – socks, shoes or hat to accelerate cooling.

In addition, cool the person and rinse with a moderate cold shower or bathtub.

Put a wet towel on the back of the neck, the groin and/or under the armpits.

If possible, sprinkle the person with water and also cool it with the fan.

Contrary to stubborn thought, a person with sunstroke must not be cooled with alcohol.

The alcohol will cool the body too fast.

– 2. Lie down

In this condition, it is also possible to become unconscious.

Therefore, it is important to lie down as fast as possible.

If the person is unconscious, turn it to the left.

On that side is the heart, and also the circulation will work faster with the left leg bent to maintain stability.

– 3. Compensate liquidity, but not too fast

Drink salted water – 1 teaspoon salt per deciliter of water.

In that way, you will suppress dehydration and loss of salt caused by sweating.

Do not drink water too fast, to prevent the possibility of experiencing shock.

– 4. Stay calm

A person may catch panic, but it is important to remain calm.

This is easiest to achieve by deep breathing.

The sense of anxiety will also speed up blood pumping, which will further raise the body temperature.

A person that has sunstroke needs to have light massages to the muscles to boost blood circulation.

Muscle cramps can also be early symptoms of this condition.

– 5. Call for immediate help

Depending on the strength and duration of the symptoms, you can call for immediate help.

If a headache, dizziness, restlessness, and also facial redness last for more than an hour, call for urgent help.

In addition, during sunstroke, you are not allowed to drink any medication, unless your doctor has prescribed them.

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