Tai Chong! 2 Minutes “Miracles”! Why Should You Massage This Point At The Foot? You Will Remain In Shock!

Tai Chong

Tai Chong

On our foot, there is a point that can greatly affect the performance of the body and how we feel.

Find out why you need each day to massage the point between the big toe and second toe.

Massage Tai Chong point for 2 minutes every day

According to the traditional Chinese art of acupressure in our body, there are many points which massage helps in better functioning of the body work and generally, feel better.

One of these “magical” points is located between the big toe and second toe, called Tai Chong.

Tai Chong is recommended every day pressing or massaging in small circles about 2 minutes (you can repeat this massage 3 – 4 times per day).

To accurately determine where that point is, you put your finger in length under the big toe and second toe and below the toe is this point.

This point of touch should be relatively soft.

Pressing this point will encourage a better flow of life energy in Chinese ancient medicine called chi, and help with the following health problems:

Headaches and dizziness

– Blurred vision, red, swollen and sore eyes

– Nausea, vomiting, constipation and diarrhea

– Anger, irritability, insomnia and anxiety

This point of the foot is called LIV 3 (liver 3) and this is the point Liver Meridian.

Apart from the above-mentioned symptoms and complaints that massaging these points removed, it will help with problems such as palpitations (feeling of skipping beats), bitter taste in the mouth, to regulate the menstrual cycle and pain in the lumbar part of the back.

According to the Chinese interpretation, each finger means one part of the body, mental state, and physical symptoms.

By clicking on each finger, you can balance the body and get rid of certain ailments.


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