Take 4 Dates Regularly And You Will Notice Great Changes!


To experience the maximum effect of dates, you need to eat four to six pieces daily.

Dates also have anticancer properties.

Therefore, they need to be mandatory food for anyone who wants to prevent disease and achieve optimal health.

Those fruits are extremely good food for the digestive system.

As one of the foods with the most powerful antiparasitic action, these fruits bind on themselves, destroying parasites, yeasts, and also other fungi.

In addition, they remove heavy metals, harmful bacteria, viruses, and other toxic pathogens from the body through the digestive tract.

This makes them the most effective tool against candidiasis.

They also promote the process of establishing peristalsis of the intestines, returning to their normal function after the illness.

That is the consequence of the inability to properly eliminate the undigested and also rotten food from the intestines.

Include dates in your daily diet

They are also ideal for athletes and other active people.

They contain plenty of potassium and fruit sugars.

Those compounds are perfect for the brain and also muscles that use glucose as a fuel during exercise.

They contain almost 70 bioactive minerals that support the health of adrenal glands to make it easier to perform their functions.

In addition, they are extremely healthy heart foods thanks to recording high and unknown amounts of amino acids.

Amino acids in dates, such as leucine, raise the amount of potassium to the highest level.

That is important for maintaining and strengthening the muscles and also nerves.

It also prevents the spread of lactic acid by the body in moments of stress.

Do not forget that dates also have anti-carcinogenic properties.

Therefore, they need to be mandatory for anyone who wants to prevent cancer and achieve optimal health.

If you want a better sleep, eat one of this fruit two hours before going to bed.

For a deeper experience of your favorite meditation, eat three before you start meditating.

Source: food.ndtv.com



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