Home Beauty Tea That Removes Pounds As Crazy! (RECIPE)
Tea That Removes Pounds As Crazy! (RECIPE)

Tea That Removes Pounds As Crazy! (RECIPE)

This slimming recipe that removes pounds as crazy you can make from three ingredients.

In addition, this tea that removes pounds causes real “madness” around the world.

There are more and more people who are using it and have only good words for this combination.

Tea recipe that removes pounds

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

Green tea


Bay leaf

Preparation of the recipe:

Boil 800 milliliters of water, remove it from the heat and add one cinnamon stick, three bay leaves, and also one flat tablespoon of green tea.

Cover and allow it to last for 15 minutes.

After you can consume this tea and watch how it removes pounds from your body.

Of course, that will not happen immediately, but at least after one week.

Just you need to have patience and use this healthy tea every day.


When metabolism is concerned, it is important to know that it is the best time to accelerate early in the morning.

Moreover, you need to do it immediately after waking up.

You need to consume the first cup in the morning before your breakfast, on an empty stomach.

In addition, you can have a second cup immediately after breakfast or whenever you take your morning meal.

The third cup of this tea that removes pounds you need to take in the evening, just before your bedtime.

Three cups of tea a day help to lose weight, especially at critical points of the body.

Those parts of your body are stomach, neck, and also buttocks.

The first results will be visible already after a week.

All three ingredients of this drink are excellent for burning fat and also accelerating metabolism.

Also, do not forget that any attempt to accelerate metabolism and lose weight should be accompanied by balanced nutrition and moderate physical activity.


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