THAT’S ENOUGH! Do You Want To Quit Smoking? Do It Now!

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

People who abruptly quit with more success will permanently solve these bad habits of those who do so gradually, according to a British study.

For many smokers reducing the number of cigarettes smoked daily until total stop smoking is the best way to solve these bad habits.

That is written in the study by author Nicola Lindson-Hawley from the University of Oxford.

Quit smoking – terminate your smoking at once

However, in this case, we advise people to stop smoking abruptly.

A study we conducted showed that many people successfully quit smoking permanently if they terminate smoking at once, “she said.

The researchers randomly assigned 700 smokers into two groups.

The first group was with people whose were told to stop smoking abruptly.

The second group was with people in which the volunteers have gradually decreased cigarettes to zero.

Both groups received the aids, such as nicotine patches or nicotine chewing gum.

Four weeks after cessation, in the first group of those who interrupted suddenly 49 percent of them still did not smoke, and in the group of abstainers was 40 percent of non-smokers.

After half a year of the first group is still abstinent 22 and the second 15 percent of the survey participants.

“This is good evidence that a more effective way of successfully quitting cigarettes is abrupt smoking cessation treatment with nicotine substitutes,” said Lindson-Hawley.

It was found that tobacco smoke contains about 300 different ingredients most notably nicotine, the toxic effect on the nervous system in humans, bloodstream and our lungs.

The amount of nicotine in cigarettes depends on the quality of tobacco.

A person, that smokes 20 cigarettes per day, will inhale an amount of nicotine that is sufficient to kill a man (if all the nicotine inhaled at once).

The smoker inhales nicotine in small amounts through the day, but these small amounts cause an increasing health hazard.

Especially detrimental properties have tobacco when is used with alcohol.

Unfortunately, nowadays, tobacco and alcohol are normal daily consumption for a lot of adult men, women, and even teenagers.

The sudden decision to quit smoking is 2-3 times more effective than planning of that great day in advance, according to recently published research.

Many smokers want to stop, but they lack motivation.

According to Robert West, the key to success is that the motivation for cessation gradually is increasing, until one day when we have a desire for leaving cigarette unexpectedly we make the decision to quit.

These findings are quite conflicting with earlier – acknowledged study author West but added that their results can be supported by interviews with 1,900 smokers and ex-smokers in England.

He proposes a system “drop that spilled the cup” for smoking cessation.

Echoing statements such as “Smoking is too expensive”, “I do not want to smoke in front of children”, “threat to public health” and others, the unconscious will be a change of thinking.

Therefore, smoking cessation is not only physically conditioned than required and psychological transformation.

“What prevents me to stop?” And “If others can, I can,” are the new guidelines on your way to a quit smoking.

Just remember that only the human brain is the one who will ultimately answer to the eternal question: “To smoke or quit?”.

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