The Brain Needs To Rest Properly!


Although the brain never sleeps, this “computer” also needs to get rest every day.

A lot of neurosurgeons can often see the suffering and also frightening faces on their patients.

Neurosurgical interventions and also other surgical interventions scare them more than the problems themselves.

Also, you need to know that is a normal reaction.

The brain is not an organ we can control.

You may not know, but the brain also needs rest and also attention if you want to have it in good condition.

How to protect our brain

During the holidays or vacations, we are tempted to afford and also do sometimes too much.

We eat too much, drink too much, sit at the computer late at night, smoke a lot, use coffee too much and also other things.

The brain never sleeps, but there is some way to rest and also stimulate it.

Yes, this “computer” needs positive stimulus explains many neurosurgeons and also professors.

In addition, everyone also recommends sleeping without a cell phone nearby.

In the morning, you should first look up at the sky or simply enjoy the view out the window that will also stimulate your visual centers.

It is also recommended that you listen to music that elevates your mood and drink up water immediately as you wake up.

You need to eat in moderation because the stomach can also overload the brain.

Drinking red wine is also recommended as it helps to clear the capillary veins in the brain, but you should not overdo it because alcohol attacks nerve cells.

You can also reduce TV viewing during the long nights.

If you are a smoker, then you can also relax your “computer” once a week.

Buy one really good and also “quality” cigarette and smoke that one instead of all box of cigarettes.

The golden rule for resting brains is silence – take the time to enjoy the piece and also to sort out your thoughts.

Treat yourself to joy and also happiness every day, because they are the right food for your brain!

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