The Famous Herbalist Reveals How To Cure Psoriasis Naturally! (RECIPES)


Psoriasis is a mysterious skin disease that can affect a certain part of the body but also can expand.

Mostly, the areas that are prone to this disease are – elbows, knees, scalp, and lower back.

In the most difficult cases, it can be spread through the entire body and catch the bones and joints.

In that case that is psoriatic arthritis.

Symptoms of psoriasis are:

– Dry, red, thickened, and also rough skin

– Skin peeling

– Cracked skin with tiny bleeding

– Psoriatic rash or pale parts on the scalp

There is no known cause of psoriasis, but it is known that worsening of the disease may be exacerbated by increased stress, frustration, excitement, sadness, and also other emotional changes.

One of the most famous herbalists of the 20th century, Maurice Mességué recommends a healthy diet without fat.

That is because according to his experience, fatty foods exacerbated psoriasis.

He also especially recommends an herbal diet with one-day water fasting once a week.

At the same time, he recommends washing the affected spots with soap from a pine tree.

Based on his rich experience, he gave the following recipes for emergency aid in this disease.

Psoriasis recipes

-1. Put on the affected places the essential oil from a pine tree

Pine has a wide history of use in skin diseases all over the world, from Ayurvedic to Indian medicine.

It also enhances the metabolism, increases the activity and ability of the body to react and penetrates deep into the tissues.

In addition, it is extremely anti-inflammatory and stimulates circulation.

It has a lot of medical properties for skin and hair, and is also used in:

– Skin cancer

– Eczema

– Skin eruptions

– Parasitic and fungal infections

– Chronic rhinitis

– Also, other skin diseases

It can even help with alopecia and increased hair loss, and other scalp problems.

-2. Use lining from starch or bran

Place linings of starch or bran from biologically grown wheat.

Make a paste with water and put it on the skin.

Hold it until it is dry, and also make the lining 2 times a day.

Wheat is rich in vitamins and minerals that deeply nourishes regenerates, and also protect the skin.

From vitamins found in wheat, it is important to note:

Vitamin A important for growth

– Vitamin B1 essential for health and blood flow improvement

– Also, vitamin B2 for metabolism

– Essential vitamins B3 – B6 for nerves

Vitamin C for skin softness and for producing the blood cells

– The Sun vitamin D

– Also one of the strongest antioxidants, vitamin E

-3. Use walnut leaf orally and locally

In outer applications, it is also recommending of walnut leaves, which were previously cooked for 20 minutes.

For inside use and treating, it is recommended to drink tea from walnut leaves (1 hot cup).

Leaves of walnuts are excellent in the most local skin and also oral diseases.

It possesses anti-inflammatory properties and also fights against bacterial and fungal infections.

It is also beneficial in the treatment of inflammatory skin, digestive tract disease, acne, and pimples.

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