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The Most Important Hormones For Female Health!

The Most Important Hormones For Female Health!

In order for the organism to function properly, it is necessary to have a good balance of your hormones that help in the coordination of many processes.

Hormones are signaling molecules that glands produce in multicellular organisms

They are the carriers of these messages through the blood, therefore, help the normal functioning of the body.

If your body produces too little or too much of a hormone, their disbalance in the body triggers problems.

This can come from different causes.

Stress is one of the triggers since the hormones are also very sensitive to it.

Important hormones for female health


This is one of the stress hormones.

Because of the uneasy situation, his rapid acceleration is recognized by:

– Speeding up of the heart

– Too much sweating

– The iris of eyes is spreading, etc.

The role of this hormone is to prepare our body to avoid a dangerous situation or defend from them.


This is also a hormone that is closely related to increased stress.

His role is to supply the body with energy when it is most needed,

In the other words, when we are under pressure.


It produces pancreas and also serves to regulate blood sugar levels.

Insulin deficiency leads to increased blood sugar levels so it is necessary to compensate with medications.

However, there are other natural solutions for this condition and to do certain changes in diet and lifestyle.


Testosterone is a hormone that is very important for sexual function.

Women and also men have this hormone.

However, men are producing 7 to 8 times more testosterone than women.

His role is associated with muscle and bone mass, as well as hair growth.


It is a sex hormone that plays an important role in regulating the menstrual cycle, fertility, and also feminine appearance of the women.


This sex hormone produces ovaries.

The role of progesterone is preparing the uterus for possible pregnancy.

Therefore, its production dominates in the second half of the cycle.

Thyroid hormone

The thyroid gland produces thyroid hormones that:

– Affect growth and maturation

Protein synthesis

– Accelerate calorie burning

– Accelerate fat degradation

– Also, play a key role in the development of the nervous system

Symptoms and Solutions

There are symptoms that are characteristic of the excess, the lack of or deficiency of one of the hormones.

In some situations, the symptoms are atypical, almost unnoticeable or insufficiently expressed.

Therefore, it may happen that some serious illnesses (such as diabetes) are for a long time unrecognizable.

Increased secretion of thyroid hormone can lead to the appearance of recognizable symptoms:

– Loss of body weight

– Feeling weak in the muscles

– Trembling

– Accelerated heartburn …

These are definitely reasons to change your lifestyle and also try natural solutions.

The low level of cortisol and also thyroid hormones, on the other hand, leads to:

– A sense of chronic fatigue

– Deceleration of metabolism

– Sleepiness

– Absentmindedness

– Increased body weight …

The problem may be at the level of the hypophysis or the thyroid gland

The pituitary gland – hypophysis is a gland in the brain.

This can also happen due to the fall in immunity.

Of course, a visit to a physician is implied, and you can take certain measures yourself to boost your immune system.

The natural way that can help is nutrition rich in protein and vitamins with compulsory rest.

The absence of menstruation, with the exclusion of pregnancy, can also be the result of the discrepancy between different hormones.


Excessive levels of prolactin hormone may be one of the causes of loss or disorder of menstrual bleeding.

It is increased during pregnancy to prepare a breastfeeding body (and during the period while the mother is breastfeeding).

If high levels occur outside pregnancy and breastfeeding, the causes should be sought at the pituitary gland.

Frequent stress, unhealthy diet, and too many exercises can also lead to loss of menstrual cycle.

Whatever the cause is, it is necessary to talk to your doctor.

The long-term lack of menstrual periods can be a cause for multiple harming to your health.

The frequent occurrence of hunger, thirst, and also frequent urination may be an indicator of unregulated blood sugar levels.

That is a sign of inadequate secretion of pancreatic insulin.

For the prevention of this disease – diabetes, the important things are:

Healthy diet

– Living habits

– Physical activity

This is especially important for people with a genetic predisposition, given that one form of diabetes is inherited.

Women who have had diabetes during their pregnancy have been exposed to an increased risk of contracting this disease.

When a drastic gaining weight occurs, the balance between estrogen and testosterone also changes.

The testosterone levels are increasing and, at the same time, the estrogen levels decreases.

This can cause increased secretion of the sebaceous glands.

In addition, it will happen to have oily hair, oily skin, acne, and pimples.

The most important thing is to reduce your weight and also regulating metabolism.

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