Home Beauty The New Toothpaste Which Leave Dentists Without Work! Must Read This!
The New Toothpaste Which Leave Dentists Without Work! Must Read This!

The New Toothpaste Which Leave Dentists Without Work! Must Read This!

New Toothpaste

Mr. Kazue Yamagishi is the Japanese researcher which is responsible for the revolutionary new toothpaste.

This revolutionary invention of the new toothpaste has incredible properties that can leave all dentists without work.

Namely, he discovers new toothpaste that fills all the cracks and holes in your teeth and at the same time restores the tooth enamel.

New toothpaste for your personal tooth care

Developing of this toothpaste will seamlessly and rapidly fix your cavities without unnecessary drilling.

The study published by Dr. Kazue Yamagishi in the Journal Nature of the FAP – Dental Institute in Tokyo, says that this toothpaste with synthetic tooth enamel could revolutionize the treatments of small and tiny early lesions in your teeth.

We all know that teeth decay is always normally treated by removal of unwanted affected parts.

After the dentists need to fill the cracks or holes with metal alloy or resin.

This is not an ideal and healthy way because dentists need to remove parts from our teeth to make the filling stick.

An electron microscope research showed that the artificial and natural enamel became integrated same like they were one substance.

The amazing properties of the new toothpaste will make the manipulations by the dentists unnecessary.

The new toothpaste has similar constituents with the tooth enamel just has one difference.

His toothpaste is in a liquid form.

This form of toothpaste can make it very easy for you to use with your toothbrush.

The researcher managed to acquire the formula of that toothpaste.

The researcher did a series of different experiments with hydroxylapatite (otherwise this compound is known as crystalline calcium phosphate), which is the basic component of our teeth.

As soon as this toothpaste is applied on your teeth it will cause a dilution / rarefaction of the acid on the surface of your teeth.

3 minutes from applying this toothpaste it will start to crystallize and will get fastened to the teeth structure of your natural enamel.

Incredible discovering, isn`t it?

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk


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