The Simplest Advice How Can You Prevent Cancer!


For a long time, we are writing about the simplest advice on how you can prevent and also treat cancer.

Nowadays, nutritionists and some oncologists agree about a lot of things that have a connection with dangerous cancer.

In the past, the plague killed a lot of people, and today that disease is cancer.

In addition, more than 200 types of cancers kill more than 8 million people annually, statistic says.

To help protect you healthy body from cancer and also prevent the worst diseases please read this advice below.

Prevent cancer

Say NO to these ingredients:

– 1. Refined oil

– 2. Carbonized drinks

– 3. Also, foods from microwaves

– 4. Mammography before the first birth (and if it is really necessary)

– 5. Tight bras

– 6. Also, alcohol

– 7. Processed frozen food

– 8. Water from the freezer and also plastic bottles

– 9. Contraceptive Pills

– 10. Also, deodorants (especially after shaving)

-11. Sugar in any form – the patients who remove the sugar from the diet live longer than those who did not give up from this white death

Say YES to this ingredients:

– 1. Vegetable

– 2. Natural honey – as a sugar substitute

– 3. Also, proteins from vegetables – bean instead of meat

– 4. 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach before washing your teeth

– 5. Also to warm food – not hot food

– 6. Healthy juice: Aloe Vera + Ginger + Parsley + Celery + Pineapple – mix all of them and consume on an empty stomach

– 7. Fresh carrots and also carrot juice every day

A few more tips:

In addition, to all of those things above, never drink tea from plastic cups.

Do not drink and also do not eat anything from plastic packaging.

Also, do not heat the food in the microwave especially if the food is in plastic.

When plastic is exposed to heat from microwave, the chemical components are released.

That can cause as many as 52 different types of this dangerous disease.

Avoid eating “hard” and also “heavy” food after 5 pm.

Drink plenty of water in the morning, and also less in the evening.

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