The Solution For Skin Diseases Is In Nature! Get rid of Toxins And Treat Psoriasis!

Psoriasis manifests itself in bright red, dry, rough, thickened spots on the skin, covered with tiny hemorrhages or different white patches on your body.

All of those things above-mentioned cause pain and also unpleasant itching.

You can treat psoriasis with natural blood-purifying herbs.

At the same time, those herbs remove all harmful toxins from our body.

This illness is caused by dysfunctional liver function.

This means that the use of medicinal herbs must be also accompanied by a strict diet.

Natural treatments for psoriasis

Tea mix with nettle

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 50 grams of nettle

– 40 grams of spiraea

– 30 grams of Chelidonium

– 20 grams of oak bark

– 30 grams of willow bark

– 20 grams of fumitory

– 30 grams of gypsyweed

– 20 grams of walnut shells

– 30 grams of calendula

– 20 grams of yarrow

– A fresh water

All ingredients mix well and boil one glass of fresh water.

Take one teaspoon of mixed herb and also put into a cup of hot water.

Drink this tea in the sips throughout the day in a total amount of up to two liters.

Pork fat with a Chelidonium

Carefully wash the stems of Chelidonium and make a juice in a juicer from this herb.

Mix with pork fat in the ratio of five grams of Chelidonium juice to 50 grams of pork fat.

The remedy you need to keep in the refrigerator and put two times a day areas on the skin affected by psoriasis.

Black mallow-horsetail bath

Psoriasis can also be alleviated by a bath of black mallow and horsetail.

Using these herbs in long-term can greatly help in treating this disease.

Apply equal amounts of fresh herbs and leave them overnight in cool water.

For one bath it takes about 200 grams of fresh herbs, while only bathing in this bath should take about 20 minutes.

Comfrey tea

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 40 grams of comfrey leaves

– 30 grams of yellow rosemary leaves

– 20 grams of blackthorn (dry or fresh)

– 10 grams of club moss

Cut into small pieces all of those herbs and also mix them together.

Put 20 grams of this herbs mixture in 1 liter of hot water and cook 5 minutes altogether.

When the tea is cooled, strain it into the bottle.

Moisten, rinse the affected areas and also put appropriate balm from the herbs.

Balm of olive oil and rosemary

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 40 milliliters of homemade olive oil

– 4 tablespoons of unsaturated young butter from sour milk

– 4 tablespoons of sweet cream

– 20 grams of flowers and leaves from rosemary

– 20 grams of flowers and leaves from lavender

– 10 grams of male Plantago (Plantago minor) and female Plantago (Plantago major)

– 20 grams of bark from the black elder tree

Place all the ingredients in a deeper bowl and gently mix on a low heat until the young butter and also sweet cream dissolve.

Then add 20 milliliters of St John`s wort oil and also continue to mix for 40 minutes.

Be sure that the temperature of the mixture is not higher than 70 degrees.

In addition, you need to mix the mixture with freshly cut hawthorn tree.

After, you need to strain the mixture and put it in a dark glass bottle.

When it cools, clog and hold clogged.

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