The Wisdom of Ancient May! 8 Tips For Long And Healthy Life!

Healthy Life

Maya civilization has developed methods of treatment for a long and also healthy life.

Nowadays, all of them has its place in today’s holistic medicine, and also people use several recipes.

The Maya civilization, which has “blooming” for six centuries, has also developed several recipes for a harmonious and healthy life.

Recipes for a healthy life

1. Chia seeds

Chia is a name derived from a term that signifies life force.

It was also a plant that the ancient Maya and Aztecs considered important for maintaining good energy and healthy life.

The chia seeds were seasoned regularly, and they were used in religious ceremonies.

The chia seeds are rich in fiber and also proteins.

In addition, they are packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, irreversibly important for the maintenance of brain functions.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also essential for cancer prevention.

2. Soul and body as one

For Maya, the essence of healthy life represents balance – while the disease is her disorder.

To cure such an imbalance, Maya was used some combining treatments.

They used herbs, their own forms of massage, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, and also prayer.

3. Healers as the center of culture

Healers also played a central role in Maya’s community.

They had extensive knowledge of various healthy and also natural remedies.

In addition, healers used them to bring people of the weakened health back into balance.

4. Cocoa

During 2,600 years, Maya regularly consumed cocoa.

Archaeologists have found the remains of chocolate drinks in ancient pots.

They believe that Maya consumed chocolate drinks 1,000 years before other cultures.

Cocoa was also an integral part of their diet.

Some of the archaeologists even claimed that they spiced each meal with cocoa.

With cocoa, Maya maintained their good body harmony and also a healthy life.

It was the drink of ordinary people and, at the same time the food of gods and rulers – “the food of the gods”.

Cocoa and its products are full of flavanols, an antioxidant that protects the heart and brain.

These compounds we can also find in red berry fruit and teas.

In addition, cocoa is rich in magnesium, a mineral important to many body processes.

At the same time, cocoa contains calcium, iron, copper, zinc, and sodium.

5. Believing in life by natural cycles

Stronger beliefs in the natural cycles of birth and dying were the meaning and structure into Maya’s life.

In addition, it is representing the foundation of their religious beliefs.

Life in accordance with such spiritual beliefs brings lower levels of stress, better mental health, longer and also healthy life expectancy.

6. Pets

Maya was one of the first cultures that kept animals as pets.

In the oldest period of their civilization, dogs have been domesticated as a companion in their healthy life.

It is also known that keeping pets reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, improves mood, and lowers loneliness.

7. Abundance of water

Recent research shows that the ancient Maya had sufficiently refined water and also sewage system.

In addition, they knew to create water pressure in order to provide water in homes, fountains, and hygienic needs.

At the same time, fountains and taps served to people to feel better and more comfortable.

They also knew about hydrotherapy.

8. Strong family relationships for a healthy life

In Mayan culture, the family was extremely important.

This was not so much about the clan and also tribe as much as the household that could make one or more families in close relatives.

Strong family relationships and also good family relationships make us feel better, strengthen immunity, and extend our lives.

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