These Are The Biggest Lies About Healthy Food!

Healthy Food

Nowadays, about 64 percent of consumers are under the influence of so-called healthy food and also this healthy food does not contribute to health.

With all the information that the food gurus, pharmaceutical industry, marketers, and also nutritionists are looking for … eating healthy has never been more confusing.

About so-called healthy food you can find many pages, and also the products “scream” claims that are with little fat, no sugar, and 100 % natural.

Here are 10 flaws on healthy food that you need to be careful

1. Oils

Herbal oils, especially olive oil, are considered to be a low calorie and also a better choice than animal fat.

In other words, 1 gram of oil or fat has the same calorific value.

However, high-grade cold pressed vegetable oils are a better option for unsaturated fatty acids.

2. Fruit juices and also smoothies

Nectar fruit juices are usually concentrated sugar concentrates of fruit juices, to which are added sugars and also sweeteners.

In addition, all the fibers of the fruit are destroyed in smoothies, therefore, the blood sugar levels are jumping faster.

Apples and also pear with barks are a wise choice.

3. Ice tea and also tasty water

Ice tea contains an equal, sometimes larger amount of sugar in its composition as well as fruit juice.

Also, water with taste is not without sugars and supplements.

Squeeze lemon or any fruit in 1 liter of water and you will also get excellent tasting water.

Also, you can prepare your ice tea at home.

4. Agave and also maple syrup

Similarly to fat, sugar in any form has also a calorific value of 4 kcal / g.

Such natural sweeteners have the same caloric value as white sugar, and also the composition of fructose is better for diabetics.

5. “Healthy” bread and also rolls (small bread)

They are “healthy” because they are dark, however, without enough fiber, and also they get their color from the malt.

The real integral bread has adequate weight, consistency, and also contains pieces of whole grains and seeds.

In addition, it costs more but is much tastier and will saturate better.

6. Fruit yogurt

Fruit yogurt is considered a healthier choice just for fruit but also has much more calories than ordinary yogurt.

In addition, it contains up to 3 times more sugar.

It is wiser to add fresh fruit to homemade yogurt and also to make a homemade version.

7. Energy Cakes

They contain simple sugars that quickly raise the blood glucose level and also the same amount of fat as chocolate.

They also have even higher amounts of sodium.

A better choice is some almonds and also cherries or dark chocolate.

8. Cereals for breakfast

In the market, you can find various types of “fit” and “healthy” cereals with added fruit, nuts, and also pieces of chocolate.

However, most of them contain large amounts of sugar and also a smaller amount of proteins.

Whole grain cereals and also yogurt would be a wise choice.

9. Finished milk products

Finished milk products are also rich in saturated fats.

You can also make cheese spread quickly at your home, it will be healthier.

10. Dietetic products

Dietetic products have reduced the amount of fat.

However, they have an increased amount of sugar and also proteins.

In addition, always read the declarations in these products, because if some of the nutrients are reduced, some others will also surely increase.

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