These three Herbs are Natural Gifts! Heal The Whole Body!


Russian nutritionists claim that these three herbs will save us from illnesses and also heal our body.

They are pretty sure in these three herbs: couch grass, dandelion, and also burdock.

From these three herbs, you can make beverages and also teas, and their combination brings the body absolutely healthy.

The most important herbs

Couch grass

Couch grass is a (notorious weed) – an herb that God has literally thrown under our feet and also there is no garden without this herb.

Also, nutritionists claim here is almost no illness that this herb cannot treat.

Just look at cats and also dogs that often are eating this plant.

For humans, this herb is also priceless because it restores disrupted metabolism.

Cooked couch grass can treats cysts, urinary infections, stones from kidneys and gall bladders, lung diseases, chronic bronchitis, intestinal diseases, diabetes, and also hypertension.

In addition, the root of ​​the couch grass treats ovarian dysfunction in women, tuberculosis, and also furunculosis.

At the same time, also there is simply no contradiction when using couch grass.

It is healthier and also tasty than wheat.

You can also make coffee and porridge from dry roots.


The dandelion is also a (notorious weed) – herb.

Early in the spring, it is necessary to collect young dandelion leaves, soak them with water to get rid of bitterness, and also then you can make salads.

You can also make soup from these leaves and can roast the root with potatoes.

Leaves of dandelion treat anemia, stomach and also liver cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, inflammation of lymph nodes …

In the fall – autumn if you see a dandelion that has not flourished, dig out the root and dry it – it’s a pure treasure.


Today, cancer literally takes out many people.

It is also one of the healthiest herbs that literally put to the end all the cancers.

Edible burdock is capable of treating diabetes, bronchitis, arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, bone fractures, hernia, rare diseases, and also many others.

In addition, this herb is also capable to heal hepatitis C.

Burdock can treat liver tumors and also liver cirrhosis.

It helps reducing cholesterol, treating the kidneys, releasing kidney stones and also bile stones.

The burdock root prevents cold, flu, and also normalizes temperature.

From the dried and ground roots, it is possible to bake bread and also cook porridge.

In addition, from the leaves, you can also make a tasty soup or salad.

You can also make a coffee from dry roots of these three miraculous herbs.

Nutritionists advise that you need to collect the roots of this herb in early spring, but also in the autumn.

Dry them naturally, then ground and also use them to make soups, coffee, and bread.

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