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A Thick Smoothie That Cheats The Hunger In The Brain!

A Thick Smoothie That Cheats The Hunger In The Brain!

Prepare a thick smoothie for yourself and cheat the hunger in the brain.

In addition, you will stay and feel longer saturated, says a recent Dutch research.

That is also one of the ways where you can lose weight.

In the study has participated 15 men who tried two different smoothies, both on an empty stomach.

They tried those two smoothies on different days in the week.

One smoothie had only 100 calories and had dense like pudding.

The other smoothie had 500 calories and was as thinly milk.

Experts then used magnetic resonance to detect the amount of food in their stomachs.

They also examined them to find out what hunger they felt in the next one and half hour.

The smoothie with 500 calories stayed longer in their stomachs.

However, a smoothie with 100 calories kept the participants saturated longer time.

This effect took place during the next meal – when they entered the Swedish table, there was no difference in the amount of food that both groups had eaten.

Why is this happening when you drink a thick smoothie?

In the mouth, there are neurons that are directly related to the brain.

Once these neurons detect a thick smoothie (drink), they report to our brain that it is actually a substantial amount of food.

Therefore, if you want to stay longer saturated after drinking the smoothie, add fruit rich in fiber.

You can add fruits such as bananas that are rich in fibers.

They will make thicker your smoothie and, at the same time, you will cheat your brain.

Another excellent “thickener” for your smoothie is the chia seeds.

The chia seeds will absorb water and also will create a dense texture.


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