This Ancient German Remedy Will Help Unclog Arteries, Reduce High Cholesterol, Prevent Infections And Boost The Immune System!

Unclog Arteries

Unclog Arteries

This old natural and ancient German remedy has already been proven and is very helpful to unclog arteries.

Unclog arteries with ancient German remedy

In addition, is very helpful in treatment infections and cold, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis and fatigue.

At the same time, it will improve and boost your immunity system and cleanse your liver.

Here is unclog arteries remedy just for you

Ingredients you need for ancient unclog arteries remedy:

– 1 ginger root (3 – 4 cm long) or you can use 2 tablespoons of grated ginger

– 4 natural organic lemons along with their peel

– 4 large heads of garlic

– 2 l of fresh water

Preparations of ancient unclog arteries remedy:

-1. First you need to wash lemons and cut all of them into small pieces.

-2. Peel all cloves of the garlic.

-3. Put ginger root, garlic and lemons in your blender and blend all together until you get a nice smooth texture.

-4. Put the mixture in one saucepan.

-5. Put the water in the saucepan on the stove and stir the mixture until boils.

-6.  When the mixture is boiled turn of the heat and put aside until cool down.

-7. Strain the mixture through a strainer and put a liquid into one glass bottle.

Usage of ancient German remedy:

You need to consume this ancient German remedy always 2 hours before each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on an empty stomach.

You need to do this treatment for the next 3 weeks.

Then you need to make the 1-week pause and repeat all procedure for the next 3 weeks.

If the taste of the remedy is too strong, you can add some honey.

After the first three weeks of this treatment, you will feel that your body is significantly recovered and rejuvenated.

This amazing drink is extremely helpful and will prevent calcification in your organism that is caused by formation of the kidney stone and is at the same time excellent remedy for vascular congestion.



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