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ThyroidDisorders of the thyroid gland are among the most common hormonal disorder and are more common in women than in men.

When are thyroid diseases in question it doesn`t need always to be disrupted its function, but can reach up to enlargement, the appearance of nodules on her, and malignant diseases.

When hormone secretion is deranged, there are two forms of the disease and hyperthyroidism, (increased state functions) and hypothyroidism (a condition of the tool).

The reasons for this are numerous and the most common are: improper diet, messy lifestyle, chronic anxiety and stress, excessive effort over a long period of time, and, of course, the genetic factor.

Thyroid gland needs care from you

Treatment of diseased thyroid gland is a lengthy process and should be taken seriously.

Medicine today offers hormone therapy, which should not be ignored and natural methods of treatment which we set out below used as an adjuvant in order to provide easier and more successful treatment, of course in consultation with a physician.

When we have a question about this disease, natural remedies are coming to the fore and take their place usually after treatment with the help of modern medicine and that is why it often happens that patient’s years after successfully completing the treatment in certain situations do not feel very well.

Natural treatment for reduced thyroid function

When it comes to reduced thyroid function it is necessary to take foods rich in iodine such as lobster, mussels, sea fish, fish oil, seaweed and iodized salt mandatory.

Some people for this disorder since ancient times know a natural remedy – walnut liqueur.

Preparation of walnut liqueur

For Walnut liqueur is used green nuts from walnut because they are very rich in iodine.

It is made so that about 40 pieces of very young walnut nuts (while they are still small and in a shell), cut them little with a knife (it`s the better for dropping the juice), put in a larger glass jar and cover with 2 liters of domestic Grappa.

Then add sugar to taste (not too much).

The jar is closed tightly and let stand in the sun 6 weeks. Then strain it and pour it into the bottles.

Walnut Liqueur you need to drink every morning on an empty stomach- one small glass of gin.

Natural treatment for increased thyroid function

For the treatment of increased thyroid function will help tea and packs of lady`s bedstraw flowers.

Tea prepared in the usual way, one teaspoon of lady`s bedstraw flowers pour with one cup of boiling water and let it sit for a few minutes. Drink three times a day.

In the same time, you can gargle with something stronger tea from this plant as often you can during the day.

Effect of the treatment can be even better if you put on the neck where is the thyroid gland lady`s bedstraw flowers (preferably fresh).

The compress is prepared by giving the whole plant (in the form of a small bouquet), only briefly poured boiling water and immediately put on a handkerchief.

When your compress is colder, keep c compress on your neck, so the plant abuts directly on the skin, about an hour several times a day.

If it`s possible it would be better that the patient is resting in bed.

This natural remedy will help with the enlarged thyroid gland (goiter).

Don`t forget about amazing Red radish and his positive effect that has on work of thyroid. Especially Black radish has Raphanin – a component for balancing hormones in the thyroid gland.

Lately, there are more and more stories that Chokeberry plant (Aronia melanocarpa) among numerous healing properties is regulating the thyroid gland.

It often happens that women in menopause have hormone disorder and in both cases (both reduced and increased in function), recommends the use of tea from plants that regulate hormone levels in the body such as salvia-sage plant and mistletoe.

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