Home Health Tibetan Mushroom! Amazing Recipe For Prevention In Health And Treat Of Many Diseases!
Tibetan Mushroom! Amazing Recipe For Prevention In Health And Treat Of Many Diseases!

Tibetan Mushroom! Amazing Recipe For Prevention In Health And Treat Of Many Diseases!

Tibetan medicinal mushroom (fungi in milk) or KEFIR is originally from India.

Tibetan mushroom is very rare and they are raised by old Tibetan monks.

After many tests, especially in Germany, was found that Tibetan mushroom has exceptional medicinal properties.

In addition, it is an excellent means of prevention in health care as well as for the treatment of many diseases.

Tibetan mushroom can be bought even in well-stocked shops and macrobiotic health food.

Tibetan mushroom for prevention and healing

Medicinal properties

Tibetan mushroom is used as a natural remedy for high blood cholesterol, gallstones, for all diseases of the heart and blood vessels, regulation of blood pressure, calms inflammation in the body, against cancer – by stopping the further development of metastasis, good for the kidneys and urinary tract.

In addition, it is important to say that studies confirm that the Tibetan mushroom contains all the vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of the human body.

Therefore, it prevents aging, reduces fatigue and, by the way, is a good natural remedy for potency in both men and women.

Tibetan mushroom can also help in the recovery of nerve cells that are damaging our nervous system.

Tibetan mushroom is rich with vitamins (Vitamins B), minerals (potassium, copper, selenium), high with fiber they have very low calories.

They show antibacterial, antiviral, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular potentials.

Tibetan mushroom can control eczema and psoriasis, have the influence on weight loss, normalize blood pressure, cure candida, treat pancreatitis, gastritis and stomach ulcers, help with sleep disorders and depression, help with irregular diet and clean your organism from chemical antibiotics, heavy metals, pathogen microorganisms and kidney stones.

How to prepare a drink made from Tibetan mushrooms

Wash the mushroom mix to 1/4 uncooked milk.

Leave in a glass container to stand for 24 hours, so be sure to strain the milk through a plastic strainer (never use a metal spoon or strainer).

On that way, prepared decant milk drink is ready.

Tibetan mushroom and dish then wash thoroughly with clean water and then pour milk. Keep it covered at room temperature, not in a cool place.

During a break of 10 days mushroom should be regularly treated in the same way as during the use of the beverage.

That`s mean regularly rinse and pour with milk because otherwise, it will lose medicinal properties.

Tibetan mushroom grows twice for 17 days and then be halved and bow to whoever needs it.

Consume this remedy only in the evening, before going to sleep for 20 days.

Then make a break for 10 days.

To have an effect of treatment you need to repeat this procedure at least three times.

For more severe forms of the disease treatment repeat until complete healing.

This medicinal Tibetan mushroom in Poland brought professor Sokolovski in 1997 from India.

The monks treated him from liver cancer.



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