Tibetan Mushroom! How To Use Your Own Natural Remedy For Many Diseases!

Tibetan Mushroom

Lately, Tibetan mushroom (kefir, milk mushrooms) becomes very popular.

The number of people which are interesting in this kind of mushroom is growing rapidly.

People from Tibet use this mushroom for a very long time and for many years they keep as a secret of their folk medicine.

Polish professor brought Tibetan mushroom to Europe from India, where he lived through at Indian yogis.

He used 5 years this natural remedy and also he cured his cancer of the stomach and liver.

When the teacher was leaving India, he got a mushroom as a gift.

Tibetan mushroom replaces most synthetic drugs against hundreds most widespread diseases.

Today, kefir that you can make from Tibetan mushroom, scientists recognize as a unique, powerful, safest and innocuous natural antibiotic.

Japanese doctors prove that this kefir is indispensable in the diet of cancer patients.

In addition, they believe that kefir can use any healthy person in the diet, of regardless of age.

One of the problems of preserving the health and youth of people is that people consume so-called “dead” foods.

In particular, this applies to meat products of all kinds which in the process of digestion rotten and emit toxins.

These toxins are absorbing into the blood through the blood vessels, spread all over our body and poison it.

When people solve the problems of rotting food in the body, they can be able to restore the youthfulness.

In addition, they can slow down the aging process of the body, cleansing it and also improve the general condition.

Of course, Tibetan mushroom is not a cure for all diseases or the elixir of eternal youth.

You need to know that it can really help those who are in recovery.

Daily consumption of kefir certainly contributes to the rejuvenation of the body.

Kefir obtained from Tibetan mushroom acts as a kind of broom, cleaning up our body of all the garbage that body collect.

It neutralizes toxins and products of decay in our intestines and also is normalizing microflora of the gastrointestinal tract.

This kefir also draws heavy metal compounds from our bodies.

We collect that compounds from the atmosphere together with the exhaust gasses.

Sometimes, we collect them consuming low-quality water from the municipal water supply.

As a natural antibiotic, kefir ejects remains of synthetic antibiotics and other drugs.

With the help of this magical kefir, the body can eliminate not only toxins but also sand and stones in the gall bladder, the bladder or kidneys.

This bio-culture simply dissolves those types of sand and stones.

Moreover, kefir feed cells, saturating them with the best, life-essential substances and purifies all cells of the body

At the same time, kefir rejuvenates cells and also eliminates dead cells from the body.

For outdoor purposes, you can use kefir washing your skin and face.

It improves skin condition of the face, hands and also rejuvenates the skin.

If you are rubbing the scalp, it eliminates dandruff, strengthens hair structure by influencing its growth.

If you suffer from hair loss, pour a glass of kefir on the head after each wash and massage your hair 5-10 minutes.

After that, wash your hair with a neutral shampoo.

Leave it on hair as a mask for 1-2 hours, wrapping your head with a nylon bag and a towel.

The effect is excellent!

What disease can cure Tibetan mushroom

-1. Strengthens the immune system and also speeds up recovery after the flu and other acute respiratory diseases.

-2. Normalize microflora of the stomach, treats diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Within 2-3 months consumption of kefir (400 ml daily), it can cure gastritis.

If you use repeatedly heals a stomach ulcer.

-3. You can use in the treatment of obesity – it will normalize your weight.

If you want to lose weight, drink kefir half an hour after a meal.

If you want to gain weight drink kefir 30 minutes before meals.

-4. Reduces headaches and also normalize blood pressure.

-5. Improves sleeping, relieves us of insomnia, depression, and chronic fatigue.

-6. It improves memory, concentration and is a good tool in the prevention of atherosclerosis.

-7. Increases potency, a sexual attraction to women and men and treat vaginal candidiasis.

-8. It can treat periodontal disease, stomatitis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism, and arthritis.

-9. It breaks and throws out stones and sand from the gallbladder, bladder, and kidney.

-10. Successfully treat diabetes.

When you regularly use kefir, you do not need to use insulin.

Otherwise, you cannot drink it because kefir neutralizes the action of drugs.

-11. It helps with bronchitis, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, and also successfully treats all types of allergies.

-12. It solves the problem of lazy bowel and frequent constipation.


Kefir should not drink people with intolerance to milk products and pregnant women.

People that have increased stomach acid need to pay attention.

It is better to drink kefir, which is aged for 12 hours (rather than 24).

If you consume drugs, you need to have the pause between the medication and kefir – 3 hours.

During the consumption of kefir, do not take alcohol.

How to make kefir by using Tibetan mushroom

You will need mushroom (kefir grains) and milk.

The proportions to obtain kefir are:

– 250 ml of milk

– 1 tablespoon of mushrooms (kefir grains)

At 0.5 liters of milk you need 2 tablespoons and for 1 liter of milk, you need 4 tablespoons.

Preparation is very simple.

Put the Tibetan mushroom in the glass jar and pour the milk (milk need to be at room temperature).

You can use homemade or bought, but not long-term milk.

Cover the glass jar with gauze or a plastic cover, but not until the end, the fungus has to breathe.

Leave at room temperature for 24 hours.

It is best to do this at the same time, for example, every morning.

After 24 hours strain kefir through a plastic strainer.

If you use a metal strainer, the fungus can get sick and die.

Stir with a wooden or plastic spoon (do not touch with the hands).

Tibetan mushroom that remains in a strainer, wash with clear cold water and put again back in the washed glass jar.

Pour again milk and leave it until tomorrow.

The procedure is very simple, but every day.

If you don`t wash Tibetan mushroom every day and pour with a new milk, it will change color, lose healing properties and can die.

How to drink kefir?

The kefir you can consume in an amount of 200-250 ml per day.

You can consume it all at once, or divide into several daily doses.

You need, to begin with, 100 ml per day (for adults) and children (older than 5 years) not more than 50 ml per day.

Increase the quantity of kefir for the treatment of various diseases to 500 ml per day.

The last dose you can take 30-40 minutes before bedtime.

You can also drink kefir for 20 days, but after you need to make a pause for 10 days.

You can repeat cycles again.

Treatment with this procedure is one year.

During 10 days break you need to continue and also take care of the mushroom.

For those 10 days, you can use it to prepare pancakes, as a cosmetic agent: excellent for skin care, for washing or for hair care.

What do you need to know?

In the first 10-14 days of consuming kefir, it increases the activity of the intestines.

That can increase emissions of gasses, frequent going at the toilet, and discolorations of urine.

In patients with urolithiasis may appear unpleasant sensations in the field of liver, kidney and below the ribs.

But, it is a sign, that the process has begun cleaning and detoxification of the body.

After ten days, the reaction of the organism stops and comes to improve the general condition.

It`s growing your mood and overall tone and in men is improving the sexual activity.

How to keep Tibetan mushroom

If you are absent for a few days, and you are not able to take care of daily mushroom, you can preserve mushroom as follows.

Place the mushroom in a 3l glass jar, cover it with half water and milk and leave at room temperature.

Upon arrival, you can use kefir as a bath for legs.

It relieves fatigue, feeling of heaviness in the legs, and reduces the secretion of sweat.

For longer storage

Wash the mushroom and place it in the freezer, (without milk or water).

To restore it, remove it from the freezer and keep it in a glass jar with water at room temperature until completely dissolve, and pour the milk.

The first and second time, you can use kefir for skin care, and then for internal use.

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