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Time To Plant Aloe Vera!

Time To Plant Aloe Vera!

Aloe Vera has powerful medicinal properties and now you can plant it in your home.

Ancient African plant, of which the first records still exist on the Mesopotamian plate from 2200 BC, and is today one of the most popular herbs due to its medicinal properties.

In addition, this plant has wide applications in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Historically, this plant was used for skin injuries, for external use, and also oral as a laxative.

Nowadays, people use it as a folk medicine for various diseases, for asthma, epilepsy, osteoarthritis, psoriasis, burns, especially from the sun, cancer, and so on.

Aloe Vera can be grown even as a plant, in an apartment or in a flowerpot.

Aloe Vera – ornamental plant and ancient remedy

Growing and reproduction

This plant you can grow in flowerpots that are kept on the sunny south or east side of the window.

That is because the size of the plant and also the amount of aloin in the leaves is proportional to the amount of light the plant gets.

Aloin is the most important ingredient in this plant.

In addition, it has a very strong influence on the intestinal bacteria.

It breaks down, activates, and also improves the contraction of the intestinal muscles.

Elder plants need more suns, while young plants can be under a shadow.

After winter, you need to pull out the plant from the closed space.

At the same time, do not expose it to direct sunlight because the leaves will be yellow.

Therefore, they need to be in the light but under shadow place.

Aloe Vera planting process

This plant has a shallow root (20 cm – 30 cm), so you need to plant it in a wider and shallow flowerpot.

It is best to lay down a layer of rocks on the bottom of the flowerpot.

Then put a layer of sand and after just add the ground.

¼ of a flowerpot you need to fill with drainage material and compost because such planting system is closest to its natural environment.

The ideal temperature for growing this plant in the room during the day is 20ºC to 24ºC.

In addition, at night the temperature can be around 10ºC to 14ºC.

Since this plant has 95% of water in the leaves there is the risk of freezing.

Therefore, the temperature must never fall below 5ºC.

If you enter Aloe Vera during the winter in a closed area, do not put it in a living room.

It is better to put this plant in a colder place and it will pass during the winter comfortably.

Also, this plant does not tolerate much moisture.

Therefore, it is not necessary to be watered more often than once a week.

During the winter months, when all the metabolic processes of the plant have slowed down, it should be watered once a month.

It is also important that a flowerpot has a hole at the bottom.

In that way, the excess water can go out, so that the root does not decay.

Then the plant gives a much-diluted gel and becomes damp, flabby, and also wrinkled.

That is a sign of improper watering.

The excess water from the plate under the flowerpot you need to regularly throw out.

Spring crops are fed with fertilizers rich in phosphorus.

In addition, it is improving the blooming during the June.

Also, the Aloe Vera you need to fertilize in the growing period.

Proper fertilizing is when you mix ground and 30% of compost.

Make proper planting of Aloe Vera

Many aloe lovers and also growers in the rocks part add humus from the oak tree.

In that way, they improve its growth.

The simplest way to reproduce this plant is to grow young shoots.

In addition, you need to carefully separate the leaves from the bottom or separate the bud and plant it.

The mother plant will also give your shoots in the second year of growth.

You can transplant them when they grow 2.5 cm to 5 cm.

The best time is in May and June, during the most intense growth and also the development of the plant.

When planting the plant, you need to transplant it in the spring or before blooming.

In addition, to reproduce from the shoots, you can also reproduce this plant from leaves cuttings.

That is also the most common way of reproducing this plant.

Just lay the leaves with the part of the stems and put them in the flowerpot.

The process of growing roots lasts for at least a month.

The life expectancy of Aloe Vera is over 12 years.

However, after four years they reach maturity and are ready for harvesting.

You can harvest this plant every 6 to 8 weeks, removing 3 to 4 end (last) leaves of the plant.

In addition, you need to cut the leaves at the bottom.

In that way, until the processing time, the total amount of gel remains in the leaves.

The leaves need to be handled gently to prevent damaging of the external bark damage.

Also, you will prevent entry of bacteria on a leaf base.

Here’s a useful recipe that is for outdoor treatment.

This treatment is for those with problematic skin with acne and scars.

Since natural honey and this plant are natural ingredients, this combination is great for making a natural skin cleanser.

Face mask for natural honey and Aloe Vera

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 3 cups of gel that you can extract from the inside of the leaves

– 1 tablespoon of a natural honey

Grind herbal gel and also mix well with a natural honey.

Apply to the face.

Leave it for twenty minutes and rinse with clean water.

You can also leave the mask in the fridge and use it for a few days.

The skin is toned, hydrates, and is also softer.

Share this useful recipe with your friends and also family members.


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