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Top 5 Natural Antibiotics!

Top 5 Natural Antibiotics!

Nowadays, many people instead of preventing or treating diseases with natural antibiotics use just antibiotics from “Big Pharma”.

Over-taking of antibiotics and their use in the case of viral infections cannot help.

That is because they are intended to fight bacteria but, at the same time, people become resistant to these drugs.

However, there are plenty of natural antibiotics that help prevent and treat bacterial infections.

Therefore, they can effectively replace antibiotics.

Natural antibiotics


Garlic contains allicin- colorless, oily substance, which destroys staphylococcus, and also streptococcus.

They also can fight against some diseases like dysentery and typhus.

The best is to eat raw garlic, heat-untreated.

In addition, to prevent diseases you need to consume 2 garlic cloves per day.

If you have some infections you need to consume 4 garlic cloves.


Cranberry is also one of the best natural antibiotics.

Moreover, cranberry prevents bacterial adhesion to the mucous walls.

This is why nutritionists recommend it in the prevention of urinary infections.

It is especially recommended if you have an infection caused by bacteria Escherichia coli.

Daily you need to take several tablespoons of cranberry or two glasses of cranberry juice.

Their consumption nutritionists especially recommended for persons suffering from urinary infections.

Natural honey

People use natural honey as a natural antibiotic for a long time.

It is a great help in the event of an infection.

In order to have its best health benefits, take it half an hour before meals.

Also, you need to keep it longer in the mouth, regardless of whether you consume it alone or you dissolve it in a liquid, such as milk, tea or water.


Cabbage, besides containing plenty of vitamin C, is an excellent natural antibiotic.

This is especially true for sauerkraut since the antibacterial powers of this plant increase after the fermentation process.


Oregano is also one of the best known natural antibiotics especially if you consume as oregano essential oil.

In addition, it has strong antibacterial properties.

It is also effective in preventing the diseases of the digestive system.

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