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Toxic Food That Cardiologists Would Never Consume! It Destroys your Health!

Toxic Food That Cardiologists Would Never Consume! It Destroys your Health!

Follow their advice and avoid Toxic food – they definitely know what they’re doing.

Cardiologists are among the most informed people when it comes to food that can positively or negatively affect the health of the heart and the whole body.

That is why it is good to avoid toxic food and take some advice from their menu.

In addition, it is good to follow their recommendations concerning nutrition and healthy diet.

The doctors of this profession in their diet avoid toxic food and soda drinks that are high in sugar, unhealthy fats, salt, and preservatives.

Toxic food and soda drink adversely affect the heart and cardiovascular system.

Consequently, they would never eat or drink the following food and beverages!

Avoid toxic food and beverages

-1. Red meat

Avoid red meat as much as possible, because the meat inside has a lot of salts.

In the West, we have an unhealthy habit of eating food that increases the risk of heart attacks, obesity, and diabetes.

It is important to find a healthy balance of food, and therefore, avoid red meat.

Avoiding fat and fatty red meat steaks, and if you still eat this food, it is desirable to remove excess fat.

That is a suggestion from Dr. Robert Kloner of the Institute of Cardiovascular Disease Huntington.

-2. Processed meat products

Definitely stay away from processed meats like bacon, hot dogs, and other products that have a large amount of salt and preservatives.

That is an opinion of Dr. Jennifer Hatje, professor of medicine at Columbia University in New York.

With her agrees and Dr. Nice Goldberg, director of women’s health center “Joan H. Tisch “.

He is also considered turkey salami as a poor product, for exactly the same reason.

If you want to eat a sandwich with turkey, bake a piece of turkey and put it between two slices of bread, do not buy ham – she said.

-3. Sweet pastries and cakes puff pastry

These types of products contain a lot of sugar and hydrogenated fats.

In addition, these products have almost no nutritional value.

Sweet pastries and cakes puff pastry increase the level of bad cholesterol.

At the same time, sugar can disrupt the liver, and can cause insulin resistance and metabolic disorders such as diabetes type 2.

Yes, are pastries from a bakery worth the risk? – asks Dr. Adam Splaver.

-4. Toxic food that contains too much fat milk

Try to avoid heavy foods with a lot of saturated fat, milk, cream or ice cream with a high fat – said Dr. Robert Kloner.

Avoid creamy foods with added butter and no matter how much you love them, keep away from the cheese – said Dr. Ronald J.

-5. Carbonated drinks

Drinking carbonated beverages can have serious consequences for the body.

It increases the growth of insulin, which leads to weight gain and can cause various metabolic disorders.

In addition, to sugar, these drinks contain phosphoric acid, which promotes osteoporosis.

Is nothing better and diet fizzy drinks.

Recent studies have confirmed that that carbonated drinks can cause weight gain – said cardiologist Adam Splaver.

Hope that you read all of these will help you to avoid toxic food and beverages as much as you can.


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