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Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet Tips! Colors On The Table For A Long Life!

Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet Tips! Colors On The Table For A Long Life!

Traditional Chinese medicine diet is just one part of healthy and long life.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a holistic approach.

That means it does not generalize the problem, but it approaches each person individually.

It is cheap and, in a sense, easier than Western medicine since it serves as a “preventive rules” about the daily ritual of cultivating the mind and body.

Traditional forms of treatment ancient Chinese civilization still apply for an alternative approach, although by the World Health Organization officially is recognized as a branch of medicine.

This is five simple Traditional Chinese medicine diet tips by writer and editor Mika Ono in her book “Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen: Recipes from the East for Health, Healing and Long Life”, in cooperation with experts in this field.

Traditional Chinese medicine diet tips

-1. Beauty is in a balanced diet

In the West, it is normal to eliminate a specific group of foods, especially fats and carbohydrates.

In addition, it`s normal to maintain your diet with just a few same ingredients.

It is also the bad situation when these things are uniform fast food or only meat, avoiding fruits and vegetables full of vitamins and minerals.

Traditional Chinese medicine diet is committed to a diverse diet.

Traditional Chinese medicine diet says that there is not a harmful ingredient to your health or figure, but you need to consume it in an optimal manner.

A Chinese proverb states: “Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy – all must be tried.”

People need to use food, among other things, to balance the individual and his / her natural cycle, and segments of the living environment.

Make sure that you consume certain season foods and eat them fresh and unprocessed.

-2. Take care about temperature of food

To improve the balance of the whole body, Traditional Chinese medicine diet advises consuming hot or warm foods and supplements milder dish.

Those who tend to eat cold food and savory spices need to replace that habit and apply the Traditional Chinese medicine diet advice.

This applies not only to “physical temperature” of food, but also its effect on the body.

In the warm part of the spectrum of food are:


– Chili peppers






Warm foods are especially suited for the winter.

Similarly, people who tend to eat hot food or work and live in a very hot environment, it is advisable to consume food that belongs to “the cold end” of the spectrum.

In the cold part of the spectrum of food are:

– Cool mint

– Citrus fruits

– Tofu


– Lettuce




-3. Colors on the table

Irrespective of fresh and salted colorful specialties obtained artificially, in the world of natural foods, Traditional Chinese medicine diet teaches people how to consume foods of different colors:

– Purple – eggplant

– Red – tomato

– Green – spinach

– Orange – carrots

– Yellow – lemon, etc.

Taking into account the abundance of “rainbow”, Chinese therapy transforms what in the West is often classified into two categories: fruits and vegetables.

Traditional Chinese medicine diet is watching fruits and vegetables more complex.

Scientific studies have linked phytochemicals colored plant foods with healthy effects.

For example, red tomato, pepper, and watermelon contain lycopene (associated with the prevention of cancer).

Orange and yellow fruits such as squash, carrots and apricots have beta carotene (may reduce the risk of cancer, and heart disease).

Garlic and onions contain a string of sulfide (to fight bacteria and cancer, and for the enhancement of the immune system).

-4. Raw food is not always better than cooked

Assuming you choose a natural, mostly organic food, Traditional Chinese medicine diet recommends a different approach in the kitchen.

According to this legend, the cold, raw food such as salad is particularly difficult to digest and you need to eat this food moderately.

Cooked food is extremely useful for anyone who is due to an illness feels bad, during pregnancy or advanced age, because heat treatment can help release nutrients and facilitating their absorption.

-5. Eat until you are 70 percent “full”

Traditional Chinese medicine diet emphasizes moderation in all things.

In addition, the key to health and longevity is not only different kinds of food but also in quantity.

A Chinese proverb says: “For a long life, eat until you are 70 percent full”.

The similar motto has the Japanese people, although at them the number of percentages refers to 80 percent.

Overeating is unnecessarily burdening the body, especially the digestive organs.

Follow those Traditional Chinese medicine diet tips and you will live healthier and longer.

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