Home Health Traditional Chinese Medicine! Effective Alternative To Modern Methods Of Treatments!
Traditional Chinese Medicine! Effective Alternative To Modern Methods Of Treatments!

Traditional Chinese Medicine! Effective Alternative To Modern Methods Of Treatments!

Traditional Chinese medicine people practice in China more than 3,000 years.

It includes acupuncture, Qigong (Chi Kung), herbs, deep massage and much more.

In addition, more than 25% of the world population is using traditional Chinese medicine.

The ancient Chinese believed that life energy “Qi” circulates in us through the meridians that correspond to various organs in the body.

The force that drives “Qi” is constantly moving between two poles Yin and Yang.

Normally, in healthy people, the life force “Qi” circulates evenly, maintaining a balance between the strong elements of Yin and restraining elements of Yang.

If this movement is disrupted, it will be compromised the body balance and a human being can be sick.

Applying the thousands of years old experiential knowledge, the therapists activate specific acupuncture points on the meridians and restore the balance of yin-yang.

These points are called acupuncture points and are activated by needles (acupuncture), or finger pressure (acupressure).

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the connection between body, mind and spirit, and their relationship to the environment like other forms of holistic medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine aims to maintain good health and satisfaction, as well as disease prevention.

At the same time, it is a form of diagnosis and way of treatment.

A man is seen as being created by nature and as such is subject to the laws of nature.

This is the reason why the applications of this medicine lenses and soothe, otherwise incurable diseases.

Basic methods that developed in Traditional Chinese medicine are:

– Acupuncture

– “Tui na” therapy


– Herbal Medicine

Exercise, most Qigong, it is also a very important part of traditional Chinese medicine.

Qigong involves postures, meditation and slow, deliberate movements of the body.

In Traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition is also a form of therapy.

All foods have a certain operation, although their effect is considerably weaker than the effect of medicinal plants.

Chinese medicine divide foods according to taste, temperature operation, belonging to a particular functional area and the amount of energy they contain.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dietetics play important role in disease prevention.

Dietetics is an upgrade to acupuncture and phytotherapy.

A Traditional Chinese medicine diet adapts not only to the disorder but also adapts to the time of year.

Many reputable organizations like the World Health Organization and the National Institute of Health recognize the value of Traditional Chinese medicine.

Those organizations consider Chinese medicine to be a very effective alternative to modern methods of treatment.


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