Home Drinks Treat Yourself With Southernwood – The Strong Natural Remedy!
Treat Yourself With Southernwood – The Strong Natural Remedy!

Treat Yourself With Southernwood – The Strong Natural Remedy!

Southernwood can help and also treat a whole range of diseases, from the skin to severe lung diseases.

Woody stems with a thin, narrow bushy leaf and fine flower buds can reach a height of up to 1 m.

If you rub the leaves between your hands, the plant will liberate a mix of lemon and bitterness taste.

It is often used instead of wormwood because it is less bitter and smells more pleasant.

It contains essential oils, tannin, an alkaloid abrotanin, coumarin derivates, phenolic acids, flavonoids and bitter substances.

For the purposes of herbal treatment, people collect this herb in the stage of the flowering.

Also, you need dry them in the warm and shadow-windy place.

Treatments are used in the form of tea, tinctures, and baths.

Health benefits of southernwood

Tea and tinctures are recommended against:

– Acute inflammation of the intestines

– Stimulation of appetite

– Regulation of constipation

– Destroys intestinal worms

– Fever


– Also, for other liver diseases

Kidney diseases

– Also, you can use it as a good diuretic

Traditional medicine emphasizes that the abrotanin compound lowers the temperature.

Therefore, people also use tea to treat the discomfort of breathing organs and lung diseases, asthma, and tuberculosis.

If you have bronchitis or a cough, tea is more effective with honey.

It also regulates menstrual problems, whether it is an increased or decreased bleeding.

In addition, by rubbing it cleanses the skin and helps with many skin diseases as well as with insect bites.

Southernwood bath

Herbal baths with this herb relax the body and calm the nerves.

That is why nutritionists especially recommend it for mental illnesses.

The tea has also sedative effect.

The juice of chopped herb in the form of mash helps athletes’ if they have problems with the extremities and the appearance of knots on some spots.

Nutritionists say they need to be persistent in applying and treating chopped plants to affected areas.

From fresh herbs, you can also just squeeze juice and use it for the same purpose.

The juice can also be mixed with alcohol, in ratio 2 to 1 (two portions of juice and one part of alcohol), and thus used for a longer period of skin problems.

Regardless of the extraordinary health benefits of southernwood, caution should be exercised in contact with this plant due to possible allergy.

In addition, for pregnant women, it is contraindicated in any form whatsoever.

Recipe for tea

Take two tablespoons of dried flower buds (30 grams) and add them into a liter of boiling water.

Over the pot and keep it for an hour and then strain.

Drink one cup in the morning and in the evening before meals.

You can also prepare the tea from the freshest plants, but in this case put a twice smaller dose of plant twigs – 15 grams or one tablespoon.

Recipe for the tincture

Put 200 grams of flower buds into a liter of 96-percent alcohol or brandy in a glass bowl.

Close the lid and allow it to stay for 10 days with frequent mixing.

Then strain and drink one small glass three times a day, half an hour before a meal, possibly with tea or juice.

Source: ayushology.com




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