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Treatment With Kefir Diet From Day To Day!

Treatment With Kefir Diet From Day To Day!

If you choose only one-day detoxification with kefir diet, you can lose 6 kilos for a month.

Did you know that the kefir actually made from Tibetan mushrooms?

With the regular consumption and treatment with kefir diet the pounds literally melt!

What is kefir?

The secret actually lies in the fact that with kefir diet you will dissolve fat.

Kefir doesn`t dissolve the fatty acids, which are collecting in the liver and again are converting into fat.

Kefir transforms fat into simple compounds that eliminate from the body by itself.

Consumption of kefir drastically suppresses appetite, which greatly makes easier the process of weight loss.

Also, it`s important that the kefir which you make from the fungus has a beneficial effect on the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract.

Our body is forming toxins due to the decomposition of food in the intestines.

Kefir is neutralizing and removing all of these toxins from the body.

Kefir diet for weight loss

There are two ways to lose weight during obesity with the help of kefir diet.

One way is to lose weight for a longer period, 4-6 kg per month in less obese people who want to normalize their weight.

The second way is to lose weight with obesity.

On the second way for two months you can lose up to 25 kg of excess weight.

Both methods are valid and are not injurious to your health.

You can use them depending on your level of obesity.

To lose weight, you need to drink kefir every day, half an hour after each meal per 100 ml.

One or two times a week is useful to make restrictive days based on a kefir.

You need to drink from 1 to 1.5 liters of kefir during the day.

If the “kefir” day is a too strenuous procedure for you, try to implement restrictive day with the help of apples, pears, and kefir.

The menu on the fasting day:

– The first breakfast (9:00 to 9:30): apple (raw or roasted) and one glass of kefir

– The second breakfast (10:00 to 11:30): pear, apple, and a glass of kefir

– Lunch (13:00 to 14:00): a glass of kefir and a piece of black bread

– Dinner (17:00 to 17:30): salad of one pear and one apple (or grated apple and carrot), topped with kefir

One hour before bedtime you need to drink a glass of kefir with a teaspoon of honey.

In order to reduce weight in this way, you need to consume kefir from Tibetan mushrooms 20 days.

After you need to make a break of 10 days and resume treatment.

Such a diet, you can implement in the course of an entire year, or until the desired weight.

The value of such a diet is that, with a reduction of 4-6 kg per month, you can sustain and stable your body.

In addition, you will normalize the intestinal microflora and eliminate cholesterol.

Also, your hormones and metabolism are returning to normal.

The result is a complete normalization of your weight.

Nutritionists say that you will easily lose excess weight if you limit your intake of sweet, fatty foods, and products made of white flour.

Weight Loss with obesity

The treatment of obesity with the help of kefir diet consists in the fact that you need to respect certain rules during the treatment:

You need to have one week a regular diet, then one week a diet and again one week a regular diet, etc.

Before the start of the diet you need to have one restrictive day (we describe it above).

After the first week of the diet, move on to regular food for one week.

Limit the intake of sugary, fatty and starchy foods.

After that week with regular food repeat the week of the diet.

During a regular diet, you need to keep strictly the schedule of meals hour by hour.

Split 6 meals in the same time period, until 18:00 hours.

After that time, do not eat something.

When you feel hunger, you can drink an additional 100 ml of kefir.

In addition, during dietary restrictions, you need to limit fluid intake during the weekly diet.

Do not drink more than 0.5 liters of water, except the 5th day of diet (when you need to drink 1.5 l of mineral water).


Divide food into four parts, and kefir to 5 servings.

The last portion of kefir you need to take an hour before bedtime.

-1st day: 400 grams of boiled potatoes with salt and 0.5 liters of kefir.

-2nd day: 400 g low-fat cheese and small 0.5l of kefir.

-3rd day: 400 g of fruit (except bananas and grapes) and 0.5l of kefir.

-4th day: 400 grams of cooked chicken breasts with sea salt and 0,5l of kefir.

-5th days: 400 g fruit and 0.5l of kefir.

-6th day: 1.5 liters of noncarbonated mineral water

-7th day: 400 grams of fruit and 400 ml of kefir

During scientific research on groups of volunteers, it was observed a reduction of body mass on 8-10 kg for 2 weeks – average about 25 kg for 2 months.

What do you need to know, before the start the diet with kefir?

Start consuming kefir 100 ml per day, gradually increasing the dose, so the body gets the habit.

In the first 10-14 days of consuming kefir, it increases the activity of the intestines.

That is manifesting in the form of increased gas emissions, frequent stool and also changing the urine color.

But it is a normal reaction.

It`s a sign that it is starting the process of cleansing and detoxification of the body.

After ten days, the reaction of the organism stops and comes to improving the general condition.


Pregnant women and people with intolerance to milk products should not drink kefir.

People that have increased acid should pay attention.

It is better to drink kefir, which was aged for 12 hours (rather than 24).

If you consume some medicine drugs, you need to make a pause between taking drugs and kefir – 3 hours.

During the consumption of kefir abstain from consuming alcohol.

This is the healthy and great diet for the most of the people that like to lose weight.

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