Home Beauty Treatment Of Seborrhea! Four Proven Natural Products That Make Miracles! (RECIPE)
Treatment Of Seborrhea! Four Proven Natural Products That Make Miracles! (RECIPE)

Treatment Of Seborrhea! Four Proven Natural Products That Make Miracles! (RECIPE)

If you are struggling with seborrhea (Seborrheic dermatitis) try natural remedies that help many people.

Treatment of seborrhea primarily involves proper care.

You need to use a mild soap or cleansing milk skin, and also after every treatment you need wash skin with lukewarm water.

You need to avoid washing with cold water because enhances the production of oil on your skin.

Your hair you need to wash in accordance with the quantity and speed of oil.

If you wash hair more often than you need to use a milder shampoo.

Treat seborrhea as you treat any other disease, both inside and out.

It is therefore very important and diet that contributes greatly to the success in the treatment of this disease.

It has been shown that the symptoms of this disease amplified by consuming fatty and spicy foods.

You need also avoid sugar, milk, and salt, which stimulates the secretion of oil.

Therefore, the general advice is to minimize those ingredients or foods.

Food at seborrhea should be based on fresh and steamed vegetables, then fruits, fish prepared in foil, grains, legumes with pumpkin seeds, flax and sesame seeds with an inevitable olive oil and flaxseed oil.

When it comes to vitamins and minerals, especially are useful vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D as well as zinc and iron.

Natural treatment of seborrhea

Sage tea

It is very effective for washing the skin with seborrhea, especially when it comes to the scalp (head).

Preparation: Mix one tablespoon of finely chopped sage with 2 dl boiled water, cover and leave to stand for 30 minutes.

Strain the sage tea and rinse diseased parts of the skin and scalp, and wait 15 minutes.

After treatment, rinse your hair with lukewarm water.

Lotion of parsley

Preparation: Mix 1.5 dl of water with a tablespoon of chopped parsley and lettuce leaves (about 10 pieces).

Leave to boil the next fifteen minutes, remove from heat and wait until completely cool down.

You need to use lotion of parsley immediately after washing hair.

Rub lotion into the scalp and leave it to work the next ten to fifteen minutes.

You need to rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Cream of nettle, burdock, and chamomile

Preparation: Take the 5 tablespoons of nettle leaf, leaf thistle, and chamomile flowers and pour them with 12 dl of boiling water.

Leave mixture aside for the next fifteen minutes.

Strain and add 3 dl of wine vinegar and mix well.

Soak a cotton ball with a lotion and apply to the hair roots the next 20 days every morning and evening.

Thistle oil cures seborrhea

Preparation: Take a handful of finely chopped and dry thistle seeds and pour with a little alcohol (90 proof).

Mix and leave aside for the next two weeks.

After two weeks you need to add a ½ liter of olive oil.

Leave aside for the next 4 weeks in a warm place, and occasionally shake the mixture.

Close glass jar with gauze instead of the cap so alcohol can evaporate.

With permanent and thoroughly healthcare you will get rid of this unpleasant disease.


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