Home Health Turkey Tail Mushroom, A Gem Of Nature For Women! Immunity Never Stronger, Helps In The Treatment Of Breast Cancer!
Turkey Tail Mushroom, A Gem Of Nature For Women! Immunity Never Stronger, Helps In The Treatment Of Breast Cancer!

Turkey Tail Mushroom, A Gem Of Nature For Women! Immunity Never Stronger, Helps In The Treatment Of Breast Cancer!

Scientists were able to prove that Turkey Tail mushroom can unbelievable to strengthen your immune system.

In addition, it can significantly help in the treatment of breast cancer!

It’s seven years of clinical studies and support of 2 million dollars from the National Institutes of Health.

One of the most important findings is that Turkey Tail mushroom in lyophilized form dramatically improves immune function.

It improves immune function in women who are even in the third stage of breast cancer.

It corrects immune deficiencies.

Turkey Tail mushroom is very healing and its shape and colors reminiscent of the tail of the wild turkey.

That is how this mushroom gets its name.

You can find Turkey Tail mushroom in Turkey.

After the results of the study, people seriously use the Turkish Tail mushroom as a natural remedy.

However, those mushrooms people use in China and Japan for a long time.

In China people call this mushroom “Jun Zhi”, and in Japan, people call this mushroom “Kawaratake”.

Scientists discover that the immune system boosts after using daily doses.

They also have not noticed any adverse effects on women.

How Turkey tail mushroom work?

The findings are perhaps the most important medical discovery of mycological and medical researchers from the invention of penicillin.

Penicillin is derived from the fungus Penicillium, but the information is of vital importance for breast cancer.

“Cancer is known for its ability to evade immune detection”, says mycologist Paul Stamets, who was the director of research.

One theory is that when a patient is using Turkey Tail mushroom, the immune system increases the population of NK cells and CD8 glycoprotein inside them.

On that way, it`s enhancing their ability to detect and bind to receptor sites on the supportive tissue of the tumor, which allows invasion of NK.

If this is true, then the use of Turkey Tail mushroom as adjunct therapy or prevention can help many patients.

In addition, it significantly increases the chance to deal with this evil disease.

Otherwise, he is a world-renowned educator, who was for many years involved in informing people about medicinal mushrooms benefits.

His company donates the mushrooms that scientists can use for further research.

He was particularly interested in Turkey Tail mushroom after his mother was in the fourth stage of breast cancer, diagnosed 2009.

One famous oncologist informed Stamets and his mother about the research in connection with this mushroom and breast cancer.

“Already in February 2010, she was virtually cured of cancer,” said Stamets.

This miraculous Turkey Tail mushroom is super-charger for immunity.

Turkey Tail mushroom advantages are:

– The treatment of respiratory tract infections

– Help in the treatment of lung diseases

– Elimination of urinary tract

– Relief for the irritation of the digestive tract

– The cure for the general lack of energy and fatigue

In addition, Turkey Tail mushrooms can:

– Fight breast cancer

– Prevent and cure flu and the common cold

– Help in digestion

– Offer support to chemotherapy

– Help in treating Human Papillomavirus

– Help for HIV – AIDS

“I have long recommended the Turkish Tail mushrooms and also other medical mushrooms to people with cancer,” says Dr. Andrew Weil.

Promising results from a recent survey of those mushrooms in relation to breast cancer are just another proof of natural healing.

The body has an amazing capacity for healing and balance when placed in the right environment and with a little help from nature.

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