Turkish Coffee Affects The Longevity!

Turkish Coffee

It has long been observed the population of the Greek island of Ikaria that was drinking Turkish coffee.

In addition, the conclusion is that they live longer than most others in the world.

Just to mention that Greek people use another name for this Turkish coffee.

That name is Greek coffee.

Scientists have for years studied their habits.

They come to the conclusion about one of the significant factors of longevity.

That factor is a Turkish coffee of fresh homemade coffee.

The study included 142 residents of the Greek island, between the ages of 66 and 91 years.

Each of them is categorized by how many coffee drinks: small, medium, or a lot.

The scientists include and other factors:

– Age

– Gender

– Height and weight


– Heart disease

Hypertension in each individual case

The results of the study

The survey reveals the following: individuals who drink more Turkish coffee have a better endothelial function.

Endothelial cells are a group of cells that affect the function of blood vessels.

If endothelial cells do not function properly over time they can lead to hardening of the arteries.

That can lead to a variety of complex symptoms, even death.

The comparisons between age groups show that greater consumption of Turkish coffee influence and keep arteries elastic.

Therefore, it`s reducing the chances of high blood pressure in the future.

Do you know the health benefits of coffee?

Health benefits of coffee:

– Improve energy levels

– Reduce death

– Protect you from liver diseases

– Reduce depression

– Protect you from heart diseases

– You live longer

– Protect females from stroke

– Protect you from type 2 diabetes

– Reduce a risk from harmful cancer

– Fight Alzheimer`s disease

The specificity of Turkish coffee

People from Ikaria drink only Turkish coffee (which they, of course, call “Greek coffee”).

And it is normal, cooked homemade coffee, which is well known to us.

During the 15th century, the Turkish conquerors brought coffee to Greece.

It has a specific method of preparation – cook briefly and sediment remains at the bottom.

Usually, drink only two-thirds of a cup.

The last sip or two, along with sediment, remain at the bottom.

Thanks to the method of preparation, this Turkish coffee contains a moderate amount of caffeine.

That amount of caffeine is fewer when we compare to all other types of coffee that people drink worldwide.

A Turkish coffee contains large amounts of substances known locally as cafestol and kahweol.

Those substances are known to possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Therefore, Turkish coffee is good for you, but carefully choose the time of drinking coffee.

Maybe it is a time to make homemade coffee and live longer.

Source: www.webmd.com




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