Unbelievable Effects Of Sassy Water! You Will Be Handsome Like Hell! (RECIPE)

Sassy Water

Sassy water is a drink that you will worship!

You can also drink it instead of ordinary water and you will notice great changes.

The well-known nutritionist named Cynthia Sass invented this famous Sassy water.

She claims that this healthy water will help you to lose weight, but will also improve the complete digestion.

At the same time, it will reduce the possible swelling of the stomach if you have them.

What is needed to prepare Sassy water?

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 2 liters of filtered water (you can also use cooked and after cool-down water)

– 1 lemon – sliced

– 1 cucumber – sliced in rings

– 5 to 10 leaves of fresh mint – you can also use 1 teaspoon of dry nettle instead of mint

– 1 ginger root – sliced into small pieces

Preparation of the recipe:

When we have all of the above-mentioned ingredients obtained and prepared, it remains us only to put them all in the glass or plastic bottles.

We need to mix all ingredients well in the bottle.

In addition, we need to leave this mixture for about 10 hours (maybe more, just not less) in the fridge.

After that period, the mixture will be ideal for drinking.

During that time, each ingredient will release its flavor and also contribute to the full effect of this drink.

How to drink Sassy water?

It is important to note that this beverage you need to drink during one day.

You can have one portion for breakfast, the other for lunch and the rest during a meal and dinner.

Also, Cynthia Sass recommends that you drink Sassy water for 4 consecutive days to achieve the complete detoxification effect of the whole organism.

It is also desirable that you drink more plain water and have a normal healthy diet to normal.

Of course, you need to consume more fruits and vegetables.

The major advantage of this beverage with regard to some other similar is that Sassy water has a very pleasant taste.

We also believe that it will not be a problem for you to consume it with pleasure even after the first 4 days.

Sassy water – experiences and results

The author of this water, Cynthia Sass says that for the first 4 days you can lose up to 3 pounds.

In addition, after a month the results can really be phenomenal and you can lose up to 10 pounds on weight.

Those who have used it have only words of praise for Sassy water.

Many say that it has a very nice taste and has 0 calories so it can be consumed with no fear several times a day.

In addition, to drinking this water, users have also managed their nutrition and have increased physical activity to get the full effect.

Of course, we need to know that we do not have all the metabolism of the same velocity.

Therefore, some water will give better and faster results, and with some weaker and slower – it will all depend on person to person.

However, many have very good results and claim that this water is acting.

Therefore, you need to think about giving this healthy water a chance and try it out.

However, keep in mind that this water is not recommended for pregnant women and breastfeeding women.

Also, nutritionists do not recommend this water for people with a very sensitive stomach.

Source: www.prevention.com

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