Unhealthy Food that Destroys Metabolism! As Soon As You Swallow, The Damaging Effect Begins!

Unhealthy Food

Health can cost us not only the calories we consume on the plate but also the types of unhealthy food that dominate our menu.

It`s not the same if you eat green vegetables and enter it into the body of 100 calories or if you drink the same calories through a drink full of sugar and artificial flavor.

The unhealthy food you need to move out of the refrigerator and your eating plan.

That unhealthy food can damage your metabolism as soon as you swallow.

Unhealthy food

Sweetened drinks

Those types of drinks are already sweetened by the worst possible sweetener for our health – fructose syrup!

This substance is often found in fast food, and leads to so-called metabolic syndrome!

Trans fat

Trans fats are almost removed from all markets.

However, trans fats are still present in dressings and various industrial baking cakes.

Trans fat can lead to disruption of insulin and thus slow down metabolism.

In addition, they can contribute to the buildup of fat deposits, especially in the stomach area.

White bread

White bread and other carbohydrates our body digests fast because there are no fibers to slow down digestion.

That also keeps the body from burning calories.

In addition, it`s slowing down the body metabolism.

Inorganic meat

Cattle on farms receive a lot of antibiotics.

Antibiotics can be transmitted through the meat to the human body.

They act deleteriously on gastrointestinal bacteria and will change the process of nutrient processing and contribute to faster-gaining weight.

In addition, it can also cause cancer and other harmful diseases.

Therefore it is always better to eat the meat of animals that eat organic food.

Inorganic fruits and vegetables

Research has shown that pesticides from inorganic fruits and vegetables destroy our metabolism and affect the formation of fat deposits.

We are particularly vulnerable when we eat those vegetables and fruits.

It is well-known that nowadays many people and companies use pesticides on fruits and vegetables.

Make sure you buy organic food, but be sure to wash them well before you consume them.

Vegetable oil

Omega 6 acids, which we enter into our body through vegetable oil, can slow down the work of our metabolism and lead to fatty deposits.

These acids are changing the level of insulin in our body.

That leads to the conversion of carbohydrates to fatty deposits, as well as to the leptin disorder.

Leptin is the hormone that gives our body a sense of satiety.

In weight loss diets it is best for everyone to use olive oil.

Use those tips to have healthier eating and life.

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