Home Health Use This Recipe Immediately To Have Gentle Heels Like A Baby!
Use This Recipe Immediately To Have Gentle Heels Like A Baby!

Use This Recipe Immediately To Have Gentle Heels Like A Baby!

In the winter the skin is further dry and the heels become rough.

At the same time, they can come cracked and ugly to the eye, but there are solutions.

Nowadays, a stylish, lazy way of life is reflected on our feet.

Rush, crappy, inadequate footwear, and also plenty of time spent in the shoes will inevitably destroy our skin.

The first parts that those conditions will hit and also destroy our body are the heels.

This also applies for the summer, but in winter the skin is further dry.

In addition, the heels become rough, cracked, and ugly to the eye.

There are a lot of solutions that will help you against cracked, dry, and rough heels.

It is up to you if you will take some of your time and nourish this important part of your body.

Do you want to feed the skin of your heels and feet so that they are gentle as a baby skin?

Try This Easy Recipe!

Recipe to have a gentle skin on your heels

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 5 cups of baking soda

– A little shower gel

– A few drops of essential oil (lavender oil, pomegranate oil or lemon oil – choose one of these three).

Preparation of the recipe:

Put all those three ingredients into a pot and mix them until you get a uniform paste.


Before you put a mixture on your feet, immerse them in hot water for 5 minutes (let it be as hot as you can hold).

This is a compulsory step because the skin will soften and also the paste will work better.

Apply the paste to the prepared feet and massage them gently.

You can also use and brush for this method.

When you massage your feet well, your skin will absorb a part of the paste.

Then wash your feet with lukewarm water and apply a nourishing cream on them.

Repeat the procedure every day, and your heels will be gentle as a baby skin!

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