Vaginal Care – Everyday Things That Your Intimate Area Can Not Stand! Maybe You Are Not Even Aware Of!

Vaginal Care

Woman need to know and also take vaginal care for your most important intimate area.

There are some everyday things and habits that can threaten human health, and that we are not aware of that at all.

The most common is an exaggeration in hygiene and the expectation that the vagina can and should smell like roses.

Forget diamonds, dogs, and handbags.

The vagina is actually the best friend of every woman.

Vaginal care is something that we need to be careful at all time.

For the health of every organ, it is important that we live as natural as possible.

In addition, a woman needs to maintain the natural balance of a variety of chemicals and processes.

Everyday vaginal care for woman

The best is just water

The biggest myth is that woman needs to wash the vagina with a variety of shampoos, as it contributes to better hygiene and vagina smell.

Experts say that this is completely wrong, because of little acidic pH value and mucous membranes.

Everything that disturbs the natural acidity may be the cause of inflammation, fungi and the like.

For washing is the best pure water.

Panty liners and tampons cause infections

Beauty supplies for women today come in all shapes and sizes.

At the same time, producers are rubbing their hands with a profit on products that stand out as “necessary”.

The reality is that most of these things are unnecessary.

Every gynecologist will tell the patient that continuously daily wearing of thin insoles, as well as regular use of tampons with menstruation is not good.

In fact, it does not provide “air flow” and contribute to the growth of bacteria and the formation of inflammation.

Tight jeans are suitable for development of fungi

Another thing that is not good for vaginal care is tight jeans.

Tight jeans do not allow the vagina to “breathe”.

In general, it is better to choose clothes that have wider cut.

Other things that are not good for vaginal care are artificial materials, such as elastin or synthetic panties.

These artificial materials are trapping natural vaginal discharges.

The best choice is always cotton.

Moist, but not as it should be

The vagina is by nature moist, and the amount of “moisture” depends on the period of the cycle, as well as on the state of sexual arousal.

At summer time woman’s health is threatened, not from the sea water or water in the pool.

The pH of the vagina is a natural barrier for foreign liquids.

The threat is from swimwear that could interfere with normal drying and create a warm moist environment.

Therefore, at summer time, frequently are occurring fungal infections, vaginal infections, itching, burning, etc.

Probiotics are allies of the vagina

Avoiding dairy products, like yogurt, is a big mistake if you are a woman.

The good bacteria in yogurt, kefir or sour milk are the best allies of a healthy and balanced bacterial status in the vagina.

You need to increase consuming of those ingredients if you are using antibiotics.

Careful with detergent and fabric softener

Products for washing clothes are often rich in numerous chemical substances whose task is a pleasant smell, but not vaginal health.

They can irritate the genital area, so it is best to choose hypoallergenic detergent without fragrance for sensitive skin.

Be sure to wash your underwear with hypoallergenic detergent without.

Take care and follow these healthy tips for the best of your intimate area.

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