Vaginal Health Through The Ages!

Vaginal Health

Even vaginal health is not immune to aging.

Same as wrinkles on the face and gray hair, vaginal health is also aging through the years.

These are the changes that your vaginal health goes through with each new candle on your birthday cake.

Vaginal health is changing with your age

Color and shape

The vagina that has not yet entered before menopause is pink and moist.

However, in the premenopausal body, the level of estrogen hormone is lower.

At the same time, it has also other signs:

– The vaginal mucosa becomes paler

– It loses its volume

– Also, it loses its elasticity

– It is less damp

These signs can explain every gynecologist.

Pelvic organ prolapsed – POP

As vaginal muscles are weakening with aging, it may also occur pelvic organ prolapsed (irregular position, displacement).

This problem affects about 50 percent of women.

The gynecologist will recommend to every woman some vaginal exercises.

The most popular from all vaginal exercises is Kegel exercise.

The last and also ultimately thing is a surgical procedure whereby the organs will return to the place.


The vaginal dryness is another of the problems that all women are facing with years.

Because of the vaginal dryness can also occur painful sexual relationships, and even everyday activities – for example walking.

You can alleviate this disadvantage if you avoid using strong washing agents for your intimate area.

At the time when the level of estrogen drops, the vagina loses moisture.

At the same time, the pH value of your intimate area increases and the risk of infection increases” says a gynecologist.

You need to try to prevent all infections in a natural way.

You can use natural healthy way of eating.

In addition, you need to remove sugars and empty carbohydrates.

You can also add yogurt to your healthy diet, and start to wear cotton underwear.

Involve these healthy tips for your vaginal health and share this healthy tips with your friends and also family members.

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