What Is Vaginal Sprinkling And How It Affects Women Health!

Vaginal Sprinkling

The Vaginal Sprinkling is rinsing of the vagina, cervical uterus, and also uterus with mineral water on the temperature of 36.8 degrees Celsius.

The only one place (Spa) in Europe where it is possible to do vaginal sprinkling with thermal water is Vrnjačka Banja.

Vaginal sprinkling health benefits

Vaginal sprinkling has a beneficial effect on:

– All inflammatory processes of the small pelvic cavity

Ovarian cyst

– Sterility

– Endometriosis


– Non-proliferation of the Fallopian tube

– Urogenital system disorders

– Persistent constipation

– Uncontrolled urination

– The loss of sexual desire

This treatment achieves better blood flow through skin and mucus and also allows faster oxygen intake.

The treatment totally painless and is lasting ten minutes.

It`s performing by a gynecologist and nurse, after performing a gynecological examination.

Mineral water is injecting in the vagina by a special cannula (disposable), which has a dozen small holes at the top.

Through those holes, the mineral water is sprayed as small jets.

On that way, the vaginal walls are rinsed uniformly.

That is contributing to the calming of the inflammation of vaginal and cervical mucus membranes.

In addition, this treatment reduces and removes an abundant and unhealthy secretion.

The muscle contraction and pressure in the small pelvis after treatment, which may last for several hours, is merely a sign that the patient is on the right path of the therapeutic effect.

It is of particular importance that the treatment produces oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a hormone that leads to the contraction of the uterus.

The reaction is similar to the one in the sexual relationship, but the difference is that is not coming to the real orgasm.

Mostly, the name itself “The Vaginal Sprinkling” is little funny.

However, it is little known that this method showed very good results in the preparatory phase of the insemination but also in the treatment of sterility.

Also, with this treatment is possible to cure inflammatory processes and small wounds.

Many people think that it is about aesthetic treatment, but this treatment is primarily medical.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, tickling is causing the vaginal walls to tighten.

In addition, the doctors from above-mentioned spa recommend the treatment to all women that have:

– Problem with infections

– Inflammations

– Sterility

– Preparing for surgery

– Rehabilitation after surgery

– Want to relax and also enjoy the magic of warm mineral treatments

In addition, women can use vaginal sprinkling 10 – 20 times a year.

For any woman is always important to have a vaginal care and protect the intimate area.

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