Vitamin B17 in the prevention of cancer!

Vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 is a natural component of many foods.

Ernst T. Krebs, the American biochemist in the last century has separated one chemical substance that you can find in natural food.

This substance turns out to be destructive for dangerous cancer cells.

Vitamin B17 people also call amygdalin or laetrile.

Wild blackberries, cherries, berries, seeds of apples, pears and plums, apricot seeds, peaches and nectarines, bob, bitter almonds, cashews, and Australian walnut – macadamia are natural sources of this vitamin.

However, the greatest concentration of vitamin B17 you can find in apricot seeds.

Amygdalin was first discovered in 1830 in bitter almonds.

Ernst T. Krebs, Jr. (1912 – 1996) is the first scientist who discovered that this ingredient works against cancer cells, in early 1950.

How it works

Laetrile is consisting of 1 molecule of benzaldehyde and 2 molecules of hydrogen cyanide.

Benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide are toxic elements, but in conjunction with vitamin B17 with glucose molecules are inert and also have no toxic effect.

To get rid of benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide from vitamin B17, it is necessary to come into contact with a specific enzyme beta-glucosidase.

This enzyme is present in the human body but is also more than 3000 times present in cancer cells.

The operating principle is simple.

The cancer cells for their growth are using vast amounts of energy, and also glucose.

When you enter vitamin B17, cancer cells absorb the glucose molecule of vitamin and the enzyme beta-glucosidase “unlock” benzaldehyde and cyanide from vitamin B17, causing his own death.

Thanks to the high concentration of beta-glucosidase enzyme this incredible vitamin is also extremely lethal to cancer cells.

At the same time, does not harm healthy cells in human body.

The resistance from official medicine

Ernst T. Krebs through his research successfully proves the effectiveness of Laetrile.

At the same time, this concept with the help of some kind of “vitamin preparations” is subject to ridiculous and “Big Pharma” declares as nonsense.

As usual, the Federal pharmaceutical agency of immediately launched a massive campaign against this cheap and readily available natural ingredient.

The Federal pharmaceutical agency of USA claims that vitamin B17 is extremely dangerous because it contains cyanide.

Yet, they somehow forgot to mention that the foods we eat also contain many natural poisons, but we are still alive and well.

How to use vitamin B17

For your health and also prevention, it will be enough to eat foods rich in vitamin B17 every day.

For example, if you eat three apples a day with seeds, you will get enough of this important vitamin for your daily needs.

If you question yourself how many apricot seeds or almonds you can eat, the answer is 5-7 a day.

That is enough for preventive purposes and it`s good for your health.


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