Home Beauty How To Wake Up With The Perfect Hair! 7 Tricks For Every Woman!
How To Wake Up With The Perfect Hair! 7 Tricks For Every Woman!

How To Wake Up With The Perfect Hair! 7 Tricks For Every Woman!

If you want to wake up with the perfect hair and also with silky hair, try each night before sleep to practice the following tricks.

Tip Plus: You should never lie in the bed with wet hair.

The wet hair is more prone to cracking and breaking.

Also, make sure that you brush your hair before sleeping.

Tips for perfect hair

– 1. Tie the hair into the braid

To wake up with perfect hair and natural waves, wrap the hook or fish bone before bed.

It is only important that the hair is dry so that it does not get twist too much.

– 2. Apply a few drops of coconut oil on the hair

Coconut oil is very nutritious and many well-known women regularly use it for hair.

Apply a few drops on your fist and rub your palms and fingers through the hair ends.

It is important that you do not go all the way down to the head and hair root.

You don`t need to do that.

– 3. Apply a small amount of Aloe Vera gel for hair

The best way to hydrate dry hair is with Aloe Vera.

Mix a little Aloe Vera gel with mineral water and pour it into any empty spray bottle.

On that way, you will make your balm.

Sprinkle your hair with that balm before bedtime.

– 4. Apply a small amount of body milk to the hair

Put a drop of body milk on your palms and rub each other.

Then gently apply to the hair ends and brush them.

– 5. Make a bun from your hair

Instead of braids, you can have a bun on your head.

It’s important not to strain much your hair.

In the morning, when you untie your hair, it will be twisted naturally.

– 6. Rub the baby powder on the skin of your head

If your hair is greasy and you do not have the time to wash it in the morning, before sleep, rub the hair with baby powder.

Do that through all your hair.

On that way, you will neutralize the greasiness.

– 7. Use nylon socks for your hair

Make the bun from your hair and cover – like a cap, with nylon socks.

On that way, in the morning you will have the perfect hair and your hair will be soft and smooth.


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