Walnuts Turn Off The Center Of Hunger In The Brain! Definitely, The Best Way To Lose Weight!


Aside from regulating the weight, thanks to walnuts, you will have many healthy choices, and also fast food will not be attractive to you.

Nowadays, something that many people are fighting is craving for food.

The effort itself and the power of will are sometimes insufficient to curb the impulse of snacks or teasing.

Therefore, it is useful to know the trick that will help you quench the craving.

Craving for food is coming from brain!

It may sound illogical, but you can do it with food, just one ingredient, and it’s about walnuts.

The research published in “Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism” has confirmed these allegations.

Walnuts fight against obesity

The scientists conducted a study on 10 people that suffer from obesity.

Those people were under controlled conditions and, at the same time, the experts could inspect their diet.

In the course of the study, half of them received a smoothie containing 48 grams of walnuts.

That is the recommended daily dose of the American Association for the Fight against Diabetes.

The rest of the people got the smoothie of the same taste, but without walnuts.

After 5 days, they replaced the groups.

Among the substitutions, subjects were subjected to magnetic resonance imaging.

In addition, during the shooting, they saw pictures of tasty food such as burgers and desserts, healthy food such as vegetables, and neutral photos of flowers and rocks.

When photos of fast food were shown, people who drank a smoothie with nuts had increased activity in the brain that reduces hunger and appetite impulses.

Also, they felt less hungry after this smoothie with walnuts, compared to people who consumed a drink without potent nuts.

Experts have explained that eating walnuts definitely affects the brain part under the insular cortex.

That part of the brain is responsible for mind control.

That means that people will pay more attention to what foods are choosing for a meal.

Also, they often prefer a healthy but tasty food instead of unhealthy and fast food.

Apart from helping regulate your appetite, the walnuts have many positive effects on health.

Health benefits of walnuts:

– Improve bone health

– Helps weight loss

– Improve cardiovascular function

– Improve metabolism

Prevent cancer

– Reduce inflammation

– Help skin care

– Prevent diabetes

– Regulate sleep

– Mood booster

– Astringent properties

– Boost the quality of your sperm

– Excellent ingredient for pregnant woman

– Fight against stress

Source: www.organicfacts.net



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