Home Diets The Most Wanted Quick Diet In 2017! For 7 Days You Will Remove 7 Kilograms!
The Most Wanted Quick Diet In 2017! For 7 Days You Will Remove 7 Kilograms!

The Most Wanted Quick Diet In 2017! For 7 Days You Will Remove 7 Kilograms!

During the hot summer, all people are looking for a quick diet.

On that way, they will lose a few pounds of excess weight in the short term.

Such is the GM diet – the diet of General Motors, which the company developed in the eighties to preserve the health of its employees.

In 2017, this quick diet became one of the most wanted on Google, which is not as strange as it promises a 7 kg loss in just 7 days!

The main rule of the quick diet is to keep the instructions strictly within one week.

The first day, you need to eat only fruit, but water-based, so bananas are strictly forbidden.

The principle of this quick diet is to eat food that will lose more calories than you will be eating.

During the first three days, you will remove the most pounds since these three days most severe.

During the whole seven-day regimen you need to enter from 1,000 to 1,200 calories per day.

Quick diet treatment

– Day 1

You need to consume just fruit and watermelon.

Bananas are forbidden.

You can eat fruits and watermelon in unlimited quantities and when you want, but do not overdo it.

– Day 2

All vegetables are allowed, raw or cooked, and fruits are forbidden.

Begin with roasted potatoes that will provide carbon hydrates to your body during the day.

– Day 3

Combine fruits and vegetables from the first two days, but do not eat bananas or potatoes.

– Day 4

Today you are allowed to consume banana and milk, as well as fruits and vegetables.

– Day 5

Eat beef, veal, chicken, or fish, along with five or six potatoes.

Also, you need to drink 10 – 12 glasses of water this day.

– Day 6

You need to eat beef and vegetables throughout this day.

– Day 7

For breakfast, eat brown rice and enjoy natural fruit juice.

The rest of the days eat fruit and vegetables in unlimited quantities.

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