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Warning! These 9 Symptoms Indicate Women`s Cancer!

Warning! These 9 Symptoms Indicate Women`s Cancer!


Women`s Cancer

Fatigue, bloating and persistent cough are some of the symptoms attributed to other diseases but can also indicate women`s cancer!

Bleeding and changes in the skin and tissue are requiring immediate medical attention.

Many of these women`s cancer symptoms are able to be attributed to various causes, but they actually can often indicate a malignancy.

Do not ignore symptoms that indicate women`s cancer

Listen to your body, go regularly for check-ups and not place ourselves diagnosis, because these changes in the body we often overlooked!

9 symptoms that indicate women`s cancer

-1. Changes in the breasts

If you feel a lump, bulge, unusual changes in the nipple or an unusual discharge, do not ignore that.

Even if you regularly go to ultrasound or mammography, any change in the breasts is the reason for going to the doctor.

Although 95 percent of changes are benign, this is the best way to prevent disease and save lives.

-2. Blood from the rectum

Colon cancer is the third most common malignancy in women and one of its women`s cancer symptoms is bleeding from the rectum.

Blood from the rectum a lot of time is associated with hemorrhoids, but if it`s with dark or fresh blood and you have symptoms like changes in regularity or appearance of the feces, be sure to see a doctor.

Colonoscopy is the examination that saves lives, as well as quickly identifying symptoms – stand medical experts.

-3. An unusual discharge and irregular menstruation

Although vaginal discharge is common, if it is extended, has an intense aroma and contains lymph, it can be a sign of cervical cancer.

Another warning sign is bleeding after menopause or in women who have not had a menstrual period for more than 12 months.

-4. Changes in the lymph nodes

If the lymph nodes are painful, hard or higher than usual, visit your doctor.

This particularly applies to the lymph nodes in the neck and armpits, as well as those that cannot be linked to previous disease or inflammation.

They could indicate the occurrence of cancer of the thyroid gland, and other diseases.

Node biopsy is an effective and proven method of analysis node.

-5. Flatulence

Ovarian cancer is the first on the list of deaths among malignant diseases of the reproductive organs, and because of its confusing symptoms often called “the silent killer”.

Experts point out that bloating is the first sign of this deadly disease that later develops into problems with the performance of urination and bowel movements, pain in the back and pelvis.

When you have these symptoms you need to do ultrasound, gynecological examination and remove the tumor markers in the blood.

-6. Unexplained weight loss or obesity

If you suddenly lose or gain more than five pounds without changing your eating habits or exercise habits (a practice that you are doing for months), this is an obvious sign that is something wrong with your body.

Most cancer patients confirmed to have lost weight for months before going to the doctor, and although it may be a sign of excessive thyroid gland or diabetes, major changes in weight require a comprehensive physical examination.

-7. Persistent cough

A cough that does not go for 2-3 weeks after the disease, allergies or the common cold, it`s the sign to visit a doctor.

This applies particularly to the occurrence of lymph with a cough and is associated with smoking.

Experts say that smoking is the main cause of women`s cancer.

In addition, non-smokers can also become ill from lung cancer.

X-ray and CT scan will remove the suspicion of the existence of this disease.

-8. Constant tiredness

Chronic fatigue that is not cured even after prolonged periods of rest and sleep generally is a symptom that can be a sign of malignant disease.

Leukemia, cancers of the digestive tract and other tumors can lead to fatigue, that`s why is very important to find a specific cause.

Whether it is a greater or lesser health problem, it is most important to know the cause – experts say.

-9. Skin changes

Whether it comes to moles, pigmented spots or sores on mucous membranes that do not heal, any change is the reason for consultation with a doctor.

The appearance of new moles may not be cause for concern, but be sure to visit a dermatologist if moles bleed or change color.




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