Home Health Warning – Human Papillomavirus! There`s A New Deadly Disease Worse Than HIV, Condoms Can`t Stop It!
Warning – Human Papillomavirus! There`s A New Deadly Disease Worse Than HIV, Condoms Can`t Stop It!

Warning – Human Papillomavirus! There`s A New Deadly Disease Worse Than HIV, Condoms Can`t Stop It!

The Human Papillomavirus known as HPV is the newly discovered cause for a disease that can be worse than HIV.

Human Papillomavirus

In the nearest future, Human Papillomavirus can be a cause for the new epidemic disease.

This disease can be deadlier than dangerous AIDS and it can take more lives.

HPV – Human Papillomavirus is one of the most dangerous viruses

Human Papillomavirus 1Here we have for you some explanations which will prove that Human Papillomavirus is worse that HIV.

-1. The condom misconception

It`s believing that condoms offer a full protection from known sexually transmitted diseases that include HIV/AIDS.

According to the new research, condoms have a huge failing that we overlook.

They cannot give us 100% protection against HPV because HPV can spread skin-to-skin contact if affected area doesn`t is covered and protected.

It doesn`t look and sound pretty especially for women.

Human papillomavirus is a silent killer that can wait for years unnoticed and can attack at the moment when you don`t expect.

-2. The HPV nightmare

Human Papillomavirus is the most usually sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the United States.

HPV is a DNA virus that belongs to the papillomavirus family and is able of infecting humans.

Human Papillomavirus can establish a productive infection just in keratinocytes of the mucous membranes or skin.

Until now are identified more than 170 types of HPV and the most of them are causing nasty looking warts.

-3. A prolific virus

HPV is so common and very contagious infection that nearly all sexually active women and men contract it at some part of their lives.

The Human papillomavirus can spread anywhere bodies will touch and that make condoms incomplete protection of HPV.

-4. Contracting the HPV

Human papillomavirus can be passed from one person to another even when an infected person has no symptoms or signs of the virus.

If the person is infected with HPV it can pass years for any sign to show up after infection with HPV and some of the persons never experience any signs at all.

-5. Ties to cancer

HPV doesn`t look too pretty and it can prove deadly especially for women.

It`s closely linked with cancer called cervical cancer that is a leading killer and deadly for women.

Type 16 and 18 of HPV account almost 70% of all known cervical cancer cases.

-6. Danger to women

Women are more sensitive and with a higher risk of getting HPV than men.

In addition to this statistics show that male-to-female contacts have a 5% higher rate of infection than female-to-male.

HPV is one of the leading dangerous killers of women worldwide.

Source: allday.com


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