Home Health Warning! Man Diagnosed With Eye Cancer Because Of Doing This At Night!
Warning! Man Diagnosed With Eye Cancer Because Of Doing This At Night!

Warning! Man Diagnosed With Eye Cancer Because Of Doing This At Night!

Eye Cancer

In this modern time, we can see a lot of people that are using several handheld devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.).

You should know that the scientists already gave warning about using those handheld Wi-Fi devices.

Tablets and nice looking cell phones are dangerous and harmful for people`s health, especially the health of our precious children.

Did you know that you can get eye cancer?

Nobody is no denying that these days a modern technology has helped and changed our lives.

Just one small advice: Use all handheld devices as less as you can.

On the picture above is one man that was using a cell phone every evening at the evenings before bedtime.

There are a lot of scientific studies which indicate that a green light from cell phones and handheld devices can cause a death of our retinal cells in the eyes.

On that way, we can undoubtedly affect our vision.

Using the cell phones in dim light longer time is a bad habit.

The electron beam is shining directly into eyes and it`s disturbing our conjunctiva.

The conjunctiva is helping to lubricate our eyes with tears and mucus.

When we expose conjunctiva to this electron beam it becomes prolonged dry that can cause eye cancer.

The 40 years old man visited his doctor when he was not able to see clearly and his eye albumen turned red.

This man was always using a cell phone for about 30 min. without light in the room before bedtime.

This pleasure before bedtime was prolonged and that lead to signs of eye cancer and impaired vision.

The doctors couldn`t do something in the case of this man because the process of replacing retina is one of the most difficult processes for the current medicine.


Source: www.thecollectiveint.com


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