Home Fruits Warning! Waxed Fruits-Vegetables causing cancer! (VIDEO)
Warning! Waxed Fruits-Vegetables causing cancer! (VIDEO)

Warning! Waxed Fruits-Vegetables causing cancer! (VIDEO)



Waxed Fruits-Vegetables

Did you notice that shiny and beautiful fruits-vegetables at the stores?

Be careful, they are waxed to attract your attention.

In addition, the wax is placed on the fruits and vegetables to protect the fruit from decay.

Waxed fruits-vegetables are causing cancer

In addition, dealers often applied it because it gives fruits and vegetables beautiful and attractive appearance.

Although state institutions are responsible and are approving this measure to protect fruits, be careful.

You can never be sure whether certain irresponsible manufacturer or dealer instead of edible, used illicit products based wax.

Therefore, check and wash your waxed fruits-vegetables or avoid those that are coated with wax.

How to identify when the fruits and vegetables are waxed?

It is relatively easy to see the wax on the surface of the waxed fruit-vegetables.

First of all, pay attention to the appearance of the fruit.

Pronounced shine on apple is an indication of the presence of wax on the surface.

One of the surest ways to check if the apples are waxed is to scratch with a fingernail gently the bark.

If the fruits or vegetables are waxed on the surface of them you will notice wax that is causing cancer.

Rub the fruits or vegetables with your hands.

If they are waxed it will leave a whitish mark on your hands.

In the attached video you can see another way of detecting wax on apples – hot water.

How to remove wax?

There are a number of ways to remove wax.

One way is to wash the apple in lukewarm water.

Another way is to use water and a soft brush that will thoroughly wash the fruits and vegetables.

Be sure to note that the brush you use does not damage the fruit.

You can also remove wax with vinegar.

Drizzle a cotton cloth with vinegar and remove the wax, and then wash the fruit under lukewarm water.

In addition to apple, there is a whole range of fruits and vegetables, whose surface is covered with wax for the same reasons that we have already mentioned.

Among other forms of mention: avocados, citrus fruits, peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, etc.



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